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Friday, 6 May 2011

Tiny Development

Wednesday morning at another antenatal appointment I was given my Pregnancy Bounty pack. The parcel full of baby product vouchers, advertisements and samples. Last time I was given the Bounty pack and excitedly signed up to Pampers updates, Emma's Diary updates and various other baby product things; not this time. I cannot bear the thought of signing up for even more emails so that in the event of Bow dying too even more emails forever arrive in my inbox about babies I don't have with me. 

Thats not to say I didn't look at all the vouchers and samples. I've sent off for 'free' Disney books, kept a voucher for a free pack of Huggies nappies,  kept the tablets of washing powder from Fairy and tiny nappy as a sample from Pampers. I'll even collect my Mum-to-be Bounty pack from Sainsbury's at some point.  

In the pack was a Bounty magazine, all about my pregnancy - telling me what my baby is doing week to week. We have an extensive pregnancy book we bought when we were pregnant with Anabelle that tells us these things in great detail, but the nuggets from the magazine are lovely to read too. 

I find the development of an unborn baby fascinating. Isn't it incredible what a tiny egg and sperm turns into?  That during the forty weeks of pregnancy they turn into clusters of cells and quickly into a full formed tiny baby that grows and grows. Amazing. 

When Anabelle died at 32 weeks she was able to see and hear. Anabelle knew when it was light and dark, she could hear all the noises in my body, my heart, my stomach, all the movement inside and all the sounds from the world outside. Anabelle had times when she was awake and when she was alseep; when Anabelle was asleep she already had dreams. I wonder what those dreams were full of?  My baby girl could already dream. 

This week, at 13 weeks grown our little Bow's fingerprints are appearing on his or her tiny little fingers. I'm constantly astounded about the development of human life in the fragile state of pregnancy. Already our second child has unique fingerprints, no-one else in the world has the same fingerprints as Bow. Bow can already kick his/her legs, turn his/her head and even swallow!  Wow! 

"I realised then that a child who makes it into this world is indeed a miracle and has perhaps performed the greatest feat of his or her lifetime just by growing into a complete human being in nine months and being born without mishap" Marylin Hilton. 

Please Father God let Bow be our miracle. 


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