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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Anabelle's Walk

Worn by Daddy!
Yesterday we walked for Anabelle and for the other 16 babies that were born sleeping or died on the 21st June 2010; infact we did it for all angel babies. 

In quite miserable grey and wet conditions 28 of our friends and family (and 2 complete strangers!) turned out to walk alongside us and remember our daughter!  I say it often but as usual we were overwhelmed by the love and support; continuously amazed by the generosity of the money being donated. 

The walk alone has raised somewhere in the hundreds; I haven't got an exact figure yet but at a glance I know the walk achieved a great figure! 

When we planned it we thought it would be a nice extra to add to the fete; if everyone raised £10-20 each from the walk it would add to the final figure and boost it up. We thought it would be nice to do something on the 17th of the month to further emphasise the importance of the number 17.   I never imagined we would raise multiple hundreds in Anabelle's memory from the walk alone! 

Everyone had an array of 17 things with them; even if some were hidden under umbrellas and raincoats!   Anabelle's Daddy carried 17 pink flowers, I wore 17 bracelets and plaits in my hair, others also had plaits and bracelets, carried 17 balloons, teabags, wore 17 apples, badges and Anabelle's full name with added hearts! 

Everyone who walked for Anabelle

And we're off! 

Walking in the rain! 

Jon and Me 

Jon and Me 

Well needless to say the walk has exceeded all my expectations. Just as everything we've planned to mark Anabelle's 1st birthday and raise money for Sands has done.

So to everyone who got involved yesterday and walked for our daughter (including a special mention to those who travelled from afar and rushed straight from work to join in), thank you so much. We love you all. xxx 


Catherine D said...

the two strangers were friends of mine Caz :-) I was hoping to join you to but couldn't sorry. A very good turn out well done to everyone :-) The two strangers Lisa & Sarah. Lisa used to work in St. Davids Maesglas & Sarah works in St. Davids Maesglas

Caz said...

Ai I knew you were the connection to them :) I think it is lovely they still joined in!

Anonymous said...

Your words have put a grin on my face that makes me look like a Cheshire cat.

Well done.....just amazing...well done to everyone who joined in. You are doing a fantastic job. One of the most important being raising awareness. Now even my 13 year old is interested and concerned...that only usually happens with a computer game!!!

I cant tell you how proud I am of you. Your precious little lady will be looking down and smiling and bursting with pride.

Much love, Shabbs xxx

Maria said...

Well done! I'm sure Anabelle was there holding your hand.

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