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Friday, 15 July 2011


Tonight I want to share with you, finally, our new business and our little girls beautiful legacy.

Jon had always had a passion and interest in photography and was often hankering after a "proper" camera; a digital SLR.  It was one of those purchases that was put off time and time again, always something of a higher priority to pay for; the car, our wedding, our house, our growing Anabelle baby.

A "proper" camera was always something we were going to buy 'at some point in the future'.

Then Anabelle died and all our dreams for the future were obliterated.

One month later our savings didn't hold the same importance to us; it was only money, and not even money could get us what we really wanted. So Jon bought his first SLR Canon camera and had lots of admiration from his first photography attempts from our families.  

The months passed and we hit on the idea of Jon turning his hobby into a small photography business. Photography 'saved' Jon, in the deepest throws of grief everything camera became his focus, a distraction.  So we investigated what a business would be all about. Neither of us are business savvy, neither of us did business studies at school, basically neither of us had the first clue! But we're learning as we go. 

We're not naive, we realise that building a successful business takes time. Lots of time. After all getting this far has taken us the best part of a year. But we're determined; determined because BellePixelle is going to be our daughter's living legacy. She is the reason we have it at all and that is why it is named after her. 

Naming a business is surprisingly difficult; it took weeks just to do that! Thinking of meaningful, memorable, catchy, unique names and then seeing if they were available. Then Jon finally had a brainwave and came up with BellePixelle. Beauty in Pixels. 

It was perfect. 

So then came step two. Months of purchasing necessary photography equipment for a business, buying domain names and setting up an email address. Jon has been busy, and finally, we are just about launch ready. 

So BellePixelle's first unofficial outing was my brother's wedding; and wow what a day! Jon's first time as an 'official' photographer and first go at a wedding. To say he was highly strung that day would be an understatement, but the results are fantastic. I really am very proud of him. Then our first official outing was of course Anabelle's Angel Day, and a photobooth raising money for Sands.  It was fitting that our business would really come to life on Anabelle's birthday.

Since then things have appeared to have taken off. We've had nothing but happy and positive feedback from the photographs we produced from the angel day and we've taken two bookings; a child's portrait shoot in the park (completed!) and this coming Sunday we're booked for a Christening. 

Month one and already two bookings! It is all quite exciting really. 

So it is time to keep up the momentum. As of tonight you can find BellePixelle on Facebook (take a look at example of recent photography), Twitter (@BellePixelle) and being advertised around and about at various other places.  Next on the list is completing our personal Website. It is surprisingly slow going building your own website, but we're getting there.  Please keep visiting us. 

And how about if you are local, considering us for a booking sometime soon? We'd love to hear from you. 

Tonight I'm so proud of Jon and I'm so proud of Anabelle. Maybe this is what year two is going to be about for us. Building her legacy, adding to our family. 


Maria said...

Congratulations on the new business. I wish I lived locally to have pics of my boys taken. I think it's a bit difficult for your hubby to come all the way to sicily to take pics. :D

Love the name!!!!

I'll look up the facebook page and share....some of my facebook friends in England may be interessed.

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