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Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Disgusting Habit

This afternoon I'm angry. What a complete turn around from yesterday. I almost feel an overly gushy fool; although I know I'm not the real fool. 

There are not many things in life I completely detest, but smoking is one of them, lying to me is another.   Never being a smoker I cannot pretend to understand the addiction; and I'll fully admit it is one addiction I struggle to empathise with. Especially when it is affecting me personally.    

I particularly began to hate it passionately when I was pregnant with Anabelle.  I'd always disliked it, but could tolerate it before I was expecting. Being pregnant bought out a new side to me. Mother protector in full force; for her sake I hated being anywhere near smokers. I knew the toxins of second and third hand smoke presented many risks for her and me. 

The same is true now. Only the passionate hate has remained inbetween the two pregnancies.  For the most part I'm avoiding situations where I'll be exposed to too much smoke, keeping my little man safely away from the risks that could jeopordise him. Addtionally my sensitivity to smell is heightened which just makes it even more smelly and yuck at the moment. 

I don't want my children exposed to smoke; unborn or otherwise. I don't want my squidgy beautiful newborn to be cuddled into clothes and hands that smell of smoke, making my perfect boy smell of smoke too.   Even if no-one smokes around him directly, the residue of left over smoke, the 'third hand smoke' that sticks to clothes, hair, hands, fabrics, skin, breath continues to release those toxins and chemicals that could harm my baby.

It continues to seep into the air he will breathe for hours, weeks, months even; increasing the risk of chest infections, ear infections, asthma, other respiratory problems for his tiny little lungs, and the scariest risk of all for me - SIDS.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  

Some quick articles I've found here and here

I may sound over the top to you, I know this post probably has many elements that will offend and upset. But one of my children is dead and I'll do everything within my power to protect my little man from dying too.  I stood by Anabelle's grave earlier and the fear of it being reopened for my second child, for whatever reason, is overwhelming.  

This is one added risk factor I will do my utmost to eliminate and control. 


Laura said...

I completely agree Caz. I could never understand your fear but I have a small fear of my own about second/third hand smoke. My grandma smoked throughout her pregnancies and at full term my dad and auntie were 4lb and 3lb, which is tiny for full term really. And my dad had severe asthma as a child where he was often hospitalised after attacks. His dad smoked too. His dad gave up when we were born after seeing how tiny we were but his mum still smoked til she had serious heart complications and physically couldn't. Now, still, neither of them smoke but it upsets me about the damage they did to my dad. I just couldn't put my child in any risk from that and I totally agree with you xxxxxxxx

Hannah Morris said...

when we came back from our consultant's appointment on Wednesday, we had to walk out the maternity ward's entrance, at the door there were several heavily pregnant women smoking... I just couldn't get that...

Sara said...

I'll always remember the first thing I saw leaving the hospital without Griffin. A heavily pregnant woman smoking. Already in bits, I only stayed standing because my mum and husband were practically carrying me.

Why do they do it? I can't believe that it's because they don't care and I don't understand how they don't get the risks. I heard one woman on the radio once completely convinced that smoking when she was pregnant was a good thing because it made the baby's heart beat faster and that would make it stronger!!!!! There's also the misconception that a smaller baby means less pain. I feel that the anti-smoking message is rammed down my throat most of the time but it's obviously not getting through.

If you want to smoke yourself then fine but inflicting it on other people, small or big is not on. bah

On the worry about SIDS, have you heard of mattress wrapping? I hadn't before but it seems like a very small thing that could make a big difference.


Happy wedding anniversary for when it comes.

Maria said...

I hate being around people who smoke too!

I live above my hubby's aunts. We have a door that connects her house to ours. Two flights of stairs seperate her house from us. When the door is open downstairs the smoke comes up. When I was pregnant with Thea I went mental!!!!

your not over the top... your a mum.... and you want whats best for your baby.


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