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Friday, 22 July 2011


Feeling a bit clueless today. You'd never have thought I've actually done this pregnancy and birth thing before. You'd think I'd know what I was doing on my second but I'm forever unsure of myself. I don't do very well with trusting my instincts anymore when it comes to growing babies. 

From 26 weeks pregnant the general advice is to make sure 10 movements are noted every day. But what exactly do they mean by 10 movements? Is that 10 singular kicks across 24 hours or 10 periods of movements across 24 hours? Is there any clarity? 

10 singular kicks does not seem like enough to me.

I'm already obsessing about every movement Alexander makes. I'm constantly asking myself when the last time I felt him was and spend more than half the day poking and prodding or getting Jon to talk to the poor boy to try and make him move. Even the shortest of quiet times is enough to send me into a panic.  Realistically I know he is sleeping a lot of the time, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was a heavy sleeper just like his Daddy,  but I'd much rather he be kicking my insides black and blue every waking moment of my day. 

Today I've already felt Alexander more than ten times. This is good for me to ensure he has a calm (ish) Mummy.  He's been doing big kicks while I had a soak in the bath and I've been feeling regular wiggle movements otherwise; but does that mean if he decides to settle down for the remainder of the day I shouldn't start to worry until tomorrow? After all he's already reached today's 10 kicks quota? 

I'm trying to establish his movement patterns now. I'm hoping now I've got the time over the next week or two to really focus my attention solely on him I'll learn exactly when he is likely to be awake or asleep. I'll then be aware of even the subtlest changes. 

So with the help of the Baby Kicks app on my phone and Count the Kicks website and their resources, I'm zoning in on his little feet. 


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