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Saturday, 4 February 2012

3. Reasons to be Cheerful

A bit of a mixed week in the Morgan household. Although happy for the main baby boy has appeared to be showing signs of the beginning of teething mixed in with going on a #2 strike. A few horrible crying episodes and sometimes difficult to console; which is completely out of character for him. But still; a special week with some more of his firsts...

This week I am cheerful because:
  • Last Saturday I had a lie in! After feeding Xander I rolled back into bed and Jon got up for baby playtime! (I've also had another Saturday lie in today! How blissful, long may the introduction of Saturday lie in's continue!) 
  • Last Saturday evening Jon and I had our first 'date' night since Alexander was born. My Mum sat for the baby for a couple of hours and we walked to the local pub to enjoy a few drinks and some food. 
  • Alexander discovered another new sound; adding to his ever growing sound vocabulary is now goo-goo. 
  • Alexander's dedication invitations have arrived and been sent out! 
  • We've had beautiful proper little baby giggles for the first time. Gurgley little chuckles, so very cute; only Daddy hasn't heard it yet! I hope that will be one of next weeks R2BC! 
  • January 31st arrived and I have completed month one of my Picturing Twenty Twelve challenge! Really enjoying capturing the little (and big) moments in our days, now into month two. 
  • Today we've had our first sticky snow of the year. There were snowflakes in the air on Monday but today we had a tiny bit stick on the ground. Long enough to get Alexander out to experience his first snow; although he seems distinctly unimpressed when a flake landed on his nose! 
  • This afternoon I've been shopping with my best friend and she bought the baby shoes to go with his outfit for his dedication! So gorgeous and I'm getting very excited about it all now! It is going to be a very special day. 

Looking forward to another cheerful week next week...  *smiley face* 


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