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Saturday, 18 February 2012

5. Reasons to be Cheerful

A mostly quiet week this week; the baby spent the first half recovering from his cold, we all fancied being a bit lazy and now this weekend has arrived I'm not 100%. Another out of hours trip today has revealed tonsillitis and a ear infections. Lucky me. 

Anyway, I'm sure the antibiotics will clear it up in no time at all, and a roast dinner tomorrow is bound to make everything feel better! 

This week we have been cheerful because: 
  • Sunday the baby was much brighter and bounced back from his cold really well. Well enough for me to leave him at home for some Daddy time while I went to church on my own. It was really refreshing to have a 'quiet' service!
  • Monday I decided, although much better the baby still wasn't well enough for swimming, which was a shame as Jon had the day off especially to watch him. But we still had a nice day and went to get Xander weighed instead! 17 weeks old and 14lb 8oz! Growing nicely! 
  • Tuesday we started the transition of moving Xander into his own room. My resevations are well documented here but I'm pleased to say so far it has been smooth for us all. Night one he slept in his moses in the cot, night two we decided to ditch the moses and night three he was an old hand at it! Apart from taking longer to drop off, when he is asleep he has been sleeping very well. I'm going to be brave and call mission own room a success!
  • Thursday I used all the Tesco Clubcard vouchers we've been saying up over the last year (£50) to convert them into holiday tokens! Today £150 worth of holiday tokens arrived! Hooray?! That will be a big help, and we should be able to covert a bit more before we book too. Really looking forward to taking Xander in his first holiday this summer! 
  • Yesterday I had super news; Anabelle's Angel Day has pulled in another £250 by a company matching what was raised by the lovely ladies 'up north' who did a NE Angel Day for her! I'm so excited! It brings us so close to my target of 10k by her second birthday! With this extra £250, Anabelle will have raised £9891.97 for Sands!  The final £109.03 should be easy by 21st June yes?! 
This week we're linking up at Seasider In the City. Lots of other people are being cheerful too! 


seasiderinthecity said...

What a good week! Hope you booked a great holiday :-)

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