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Monday, 27 February 2012

Four Month Baby Boy

I know I said this last month too, I'll probably be saying it every month; but Alexander has changed so much! Just today Jon has exclaimed that our baby boy is growing up so fast. 

Now four months old he's had a great month. He is coming on leaps and bounds and we're both so excited about this new stage of babyhood in him; the tiny newborn days seem so long ago already! Xander is increasingly becoming more ready to explore his world; less sleeping, more proper playing and interacting! 

So where to start?! 

Well over the last month or so he has definitely had a major growth spurt! All of a sudden he seemed "all-boy" - much more solid and robust. He's now wearing 3-6 month clothes and has gone up to a size 3 nappy, and he seems to be filling his clothes out much more quickly than he filled out his 0-3s! 

Physically he's becoming much more steady with his movements. His head control his amazing and he's so eager to be sitting up; with a little prompt he'll use his tummy muscles and your hands to pull himself into sitting position and will use your hands to support himself there for a short time.  He loves the game! Tummy time has developed from lifting his head to burying his face in the floor instead! Now he'll bury his face and lift his legs and bottom in an attempt to try and launch himself to roll back over. He is not quite there yet, he'll attempt a few times, but easily gets frustrated and starts shouting at me to roll him back! But I really don't think it will be too much longer before he gets it!

Playtime is becoming more and more purposeful. Last month he was swiping at objects; now at four and a bit months old he is so focused on what his hands can do. Attempting to grab toys and succeeding much of the time, he looks so intently at them, and our hands too! If he gets a hold of them straight to his mouth they are trying to go! Chewing on his hands, our hands, the same with bibs and muslins! 

Alexander certainly is starting to like the sound of his own voice! His new sounds are uh-goo and goo-goo; he has also learnt how to screech a little bit to get your attention! He loves a conversation and he is really starting to understand the game; in work we call it intensive interaction. He will make a sound, I will copy it, he notices I've copied him, he repeats it louder, waits and watches me, I copy him;  getting louder and louder and so on and so forth! Very cute! 

We're enjoying being out and about a lot more. Alexander gets a lot out of watching other children; he is mesmerised by other babies and children. Each Monday I now take him swimming and Friday to a baby music session. He is doing so well at both and over only six weeks I've noticed his become more confident in these activities, interact more, developing early emerging skills! 

So important milestones to note this month...

One: The beautiful sound of his first proper laugh! For weeks he has been doing little squeals when getting excited, his version of a laugh, baby laughs! At 16 weeks old Xander did a proper little chuckly giggle! Very cute. So far things that have randomly made him laugh (but never when repeated of course!); my Mum saying all our names in a high squeaky voice, Sorreya tickling him, Jon blowing raspberries on his tummy, and me saying 'Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo' in a funny voice! Now we need to find something that consistently makes him laugh!

Two: Going from the moses basket in our room, into the big cot in his own room. This was a big moment for me, you'll have read the blog about my neurotic obsessing about it, getting anxious about it. But in reality the move has been remarkably smooth. We'd pushed the moses beyond its limit and I knew it was time for the cot. He looks so tiny in his big bed! For a few nights Xander took longer to settle into bed, but once down and asleep he has continued to sleep really well. He seems really happy and comfortable in his own cot and there have been perks to him being in his own room; once again we can snuggle up in bed and watch the evening TV from up there without the risk of disturbing the baby so much! 

Three: Xander really shows recognition of Jon and I as Mummy and Daddy now. This is such a huge development leap; knowing there are 'special' people! He absolutely beams when he sees us; much more so than anyone else.  He is also starting to show differing behaviours for familiar and not so familiar faces and is even sometimes becoming very wary, unsure.  And on a couple of occasions now with unfamiliar faces; looking around for us and crying until he is back in our arms! 

So that was Alexander turning four months old! I wonder what his fifth month is going to bring!? We're really enjoying watching him grow! We're so unbelievably proud of him! Do my teacher type reports show?! 

He is such a blessing, every day. 

My beautiful boy and me! 


Noahandbenjaminsmummy said...

Caz, I love these updates. It's such an amazing time isn't it? And that is a stunning picture.

I had a bit of a lump in the throat moment this week as Ben is now in size 4 nappies. How daft am I? Xx

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