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Monday, 11 June 2012

So You Think It Is A Joke Do You?

There are some entirely sick individuals out there. Sick individuals who mask themselves under the guise of free-speech; as if it absolves them of all compassion and sensitivity because they are apparently entitled under so called free-speech to say what they like. 

Today I was disgusted to hear about this book.  It also has an accompanying hateful facebook page.  A facebook page that has an astounding 584 likes! What sort of people like this crap? And astoundingly what possesses Amazon to sell it? They had an email complaint from me this afternoon and I reported the group to facebook. 

What sort of vile person thinks it is remotely appropriate to have dead, baby and joke in the same sentence? Let alone a book title. 

I find it abhorrent that people out there think that my life is some sort of laughing matter. That my beautiful baby girl deserves to be the butt of 'dead baby jokes'. And yet what is worse that when it is highlighted to them on their facebook page that their attitude stinks and their book vile they see fit to openly mock a bereaved parent as 'being too serious' and 'not being able to take a joke'. 


You low-life scum. 

Really. May God forbid you should have your own dead baby one day. I'm sure you wouldn't find it all such a joking matter then. 

My dead baby is precious, she's beautiful, she's perfect. What gives you the right to defile her? 


Unknown said...

That has to be one of the sickest things I have come across in a long time. People frighten me sometimes. I fail to see the humor in anything like that. It is vile, disgusting and disgraceful. The fact that it has been put on amazon by some sick twisted parasite is disturbing enough, but to know 584 others on Facebook think it is a laugh is beyond scary and deplorable. I refused to even look at the facebook page as it would just seriously get my back up. There is nothing funny about that book. I fail to see the funny or the joke in something so serious. If they really think that a bereaved parent is taking the book too seriously or can't take a joke then I very much pity them and more so their future children. I sent my email complaint to amazon.

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