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Monday, 28 April 2014

Zachary @ 5 Months

I know every month I say it, but every month is alarms me a little bit more how quickly these months are flying by. No sooner, it seems, I write an update, the weeks zoom on and it is time for another. 

I'm enjoying Zachary so much. He has such a beautiful temperament; happy, content and is just gorgeous in every way. He is becoming increasingly interactive and seeking out attention now; he coos and shouts and just loves somebody talking to him. 

His routine is pretty much the same as last month, although is beginning to average three naps during the day rather than four, dropping the short 4.30pm nap and instead being ready for bed at about 6.20pm on the dot! Nights are improved for the most part and a good night is now one wake up around 2.30am - which sees him through until 6.00am and the start of the day. Of course there are other nights with an additional wake up or two, and then there is Xander and his mid-of-night waking and crack of dawn start at the moment as well making for some pretty tired parents some days; but on the whole working towards the goal of sleeping through seems to be going in the right direction! 

My absolute favourite thing are my boys together. They love each other so much, it is lovely, watching them together just makes me prouder and prouder of them both. They have this gorgeous little relationship that is independent of us and I really hope it keeps on growing. Xander shows Zac attention without our input, he shows him toys, talks and sings to him, cuddles and kisses him spontaneously throughout the day. Zac is so excited any time Xander is anywhere near; he squeals, he gurgles, he kicks his legs and wiggles about - just because he can see his brother! Alexander still makes him laugh the most. Every morning we have the boys in bed with us for a little while and Zachary is not satisfied until Xander is holding his hand - he grabs at him, pulls at his clothes as if trying to pull Xander closer for cuddles! They lie there holding hands and talking, gurgling and cooing at eachother; beautiful. 

Last month I said Zac was nearly rolling. He is still only nearly rolling! I'm so surprised, a few weeks ago I thought he was days away from rolling back to front, but he still hasn't gone all the way unassisted. He is three quarters of the way there. He rolls to his side, gets his hips over but still hasn't figured out those shoulders! But he can turn himself all the way around on the floor in a circle and what he discovered this month is using his feet to push himself backwards - which is making him quite the monkey if he decides to try and travel while we are changing his clothes or nappy. It is funny, with Xander I was so keen for him to learn how to move; and although I am excited that Zac is on the cusp of really discovering the beginnings of movement I'm also more than happy for him to remain stationary for as long as he wants to! 

Beautiful boy, this month you have definitely started to recognise your name! You know you are Zac, isn't that really special?  At five months old you have a little hair again after it all fell out. It has come back fair and very soft! You weigh an impressive 16lb 11oz now and are tracking the 50th centile on the chart perfectly! Although I was a little shocked today, because that is more than your brother weighed when he was a whole month older than you are now! 

Last month I told you you were going to be cheeky. Well this month I've decided I think you are going to be trouble with a capital T! Already you are kicking and pushing blankets off when you don't want them on, you are dropping toys out of the buggy and arching your back to try and get out of the carseat when you don't want to go in there! 

You are starting to get a bit better at sitting up with a 'U' pillow behind you, but we still need to do some practice to strengthen those tummy muscles a bit more and improve your tone to keep you upright on your own, especially as another month from now it will be time to start eating food and I'd like you to be a little bit steadier sat up before we start weaning! You love being pulled to sitting though and smile in delight when I hold onto your hands to pull you up to sit with me on the floor. 

This month you have started to discover standing up and are weight bearing really well now. You love being helped to stand on peoples knees and really enjoy bouncing too. Your favourite game this month has been bouncing - you are just a ball of excitement led on Mummy and Daddy's bed and then having the mattress bounced to make you bounce! Just this week we decided it was time for the jumperoo to be put up for you so you can do some more bouncing - unsurprisingly you love it and are just as mesmerised by the blue spinning lizard as your brother was. Mummy will have to get some video of you bouncing on the bed and in the jumperoo soon! 

This month you have also discovered your feet; not only are you using your feet to push yourself backwards you are also intentionally kicking at the hanging toys on your playmat to make them move and have spent the last week constantly grabbing your feet when led on your back - another week and I think you'll be chewing on those toes! 

I can't believe that the next update will be for your half birthday little man - these has been some of the fastest months of my life! 


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