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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Earth Remembrance

Earth Remembrance is about planting something in a meaningful way to give our a children a place in this world to grow. I've never really thought about it like that before - her place to grow.

I'll admit I haven't planted seeds or flowers or trees today like the workshop suggest that we do, quite the opposite infact; I nearly pulled up the flower we planted in June for her birthday, but the weather was far too wet this morning for me to brave gardening!

We're into the full swing of autumn now and the plants are started to look old and tired. Very soon they will start to die off and before the weather turns much more I need to give her space in our front garden a good sort out so the daffodil bulbs already planted will have good ground to sprout up into during the spring. 

Each birthday part of our ritual is creating a home garden space for her. This part of the day felt especially important on her 5th birthday, this year, because we had moved into our new home and we were creating her a brand new space. We had a real garden now, not just a small outdoor patch infront of the front door like at the old house. 

Each year we visit the garden centre and choose pretty pink flowers to transplant into pots (and now the ground) in the garden. This year My Dad, Anabelle's Bampi took the garden centre trip and came home with pink flowers. 

We spent days before preparing the ground. Dad helped, assisted by Alexander. 

A circle was dug fom the front grass to create a flower bed area, an area where her rose would stand proud in the middle, and then under the window was cleared of the mess and the weeds to lay bark chippings. 

On top of those bark chipping we filled the area with flower pots and placed her birthday present there too - her wishing well. 

This year she had a wishing well planter for her birthday.

We tied bells to the handle and placed her ceramic heart in the bucket. In the well her brothers each planted a penny to make a wish and a fairy was hidden in amongst the pink flowers. 

We are not remotely green fingered for the remainder of the year, but on her birthday we made Earth Remembrance part of our routine without even realising it. Giving her her place to grow, in her season. 

Day 25. Capture Your Grief. Earth Remembrance. 


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