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Monday, 5 August 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 2 - Knights and Castles

This week we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Back in February we booked to stay overnight in a medieval glamping tent for part of our celebrations and so this week had to become Knights and Castles week and I have to say it has been epic! 


Kicking the week off using our Cardiff Castle keys. (People who live or work in Cardiff can have 'keys' which allow them access to the castle for three years at only the cost of £6.00 per family member over the age of five - which is a spectacular discount considering the usual entry costs to the castle! This has been a great perk of Jon working in Cardiff!) 

We've visited the castle a number of times over the last few years now but each visit still manages to be a little bit different from the last. Today was a day doing the castle family trail, counting how many flags were flying the castle walls, being brave delving through the noisy war tunnels, picnicking on the lawn, running around the grounds chasing bird shadows, looking over the walls in the turrets, climbing the keep (which was me freaking out trying to get the three of them safely single handedly up and down the sheer almost vertical steep steps!), and exploring different areas of the castle. 

Then of course finishing the day with a visit to the Lego shop and catching the park and ride bus back to the car. 


A very rainy home day although not as stormy as maybe had been predicted. We spent the day being creative and turning ourselves into life-size knights. Once again Xander's memory was amazing when he announced we had done this before but had turned ourselves into pirates that time - an activity we did two years ago!  I was especially impressed with Zac's creativity as he drew different features to complete his knight. He is definitely the most carefully creative of the three with very definite ideas! 


Lucas's last day in baby nursery and the last 'big boy' Wednesday as we know it! We visited Caldicot Castle and bumped into an old work friend. We ended up spending a lovely hour or so together and the boys really enjoyed playing with her little one too! The best bit was that he really knew his way around the castle so my boys loved chasing him around discovering turrets and towers.  I had no idea before this visit that Caldicot Castle is free to enter and has huge park grounds and a playground all around it too - which we didn't have time to explore today so we'll definitely be back down!

Thursday and Friday 

We've been married ten years! This anniversary feels like such a significant milestone and I'll do another blog on that at some point. In the hazy days before kids when I was much more naive I imagined that this anniversary would be spent back in St Lucia where we honeymooned, doing some sort of vow renewal and sharing it all with the kids! But of course, when I priced that up for a family of five for even just seven days the costs spiralled into the many multiple multiple thousands. So that idea was knocked on the head and instead we decided to book Warwick Castle for a medieval glamping stay! I know that is quite a contrast in holiday ideas! Haha! 

I have to say it turned into one of the more expensive overnight stays we've ever done anywhere with all the extras we ended up paying after we arrived (swords for knight school at £8.95 each, 1:1 Falconry experience at £7.50 each, the boys dressed as little princes photo, then buying our Coat of Arms as an anniversary gift to ourselves too, the cost of dinner and drinks etc) but the entire experience was totally worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed the castle, climbing to the top of what felt like a never-ending tall tower, a castle tour, the knightly experiences, battles and knight school, jousting show (Luc enjoyed it so much he asked to go and see the 'horses on the sand' on the second day too!), falconry show, princess tower stories, horrible histories maze, archery... and the medieval themed tent in the Knight's Village. I just loved it and everyone got so much out of our stay! Somewhere to go again when they're older! 

Saturday and Sunday 

The boys stayed with Nana and Bampi and we took ourselves off to London to continue anniversary celebrations. We love a London stay and it felt like a real treat of an adult weekend; afternoon tea at the Globe, spontaneously booking a show (The Book of Mormon - exceeded my expectations, lots of laughs, although not for the easily offended!) at a theatre while eating afternoon tea, spending time in Covent Garden and Leicester Square, dinner and a lie in at the hotel, then transport museum and a bit of time on Oxford Street. Such a lovely two days and actually really nice to just be the two of us for a little while. 

So knights and castle's was only a short week but definitely a jammed packed Monday to Friday kind of week! So, Week 3 (already!!!) and we're exploring Dragons - which incidentally has taken us to another castle at the request of the children today!   


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