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Monday, 26 August 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 5 - Under The Sea

As weeks go this one has been fairly hard going so we've done less themed stuff than we usually do in a week and have instead done quite a lot of TV watching as the week has gone on! 

The boys behaviour has been hard; lots of bickering, screaming, tantrums and meltdowns, lots of not listening, lots of attitude... and my patience ran out.  Friday afternoon was a particularly low moment when after a 'sleepy drive' still hadn't improved the situation with the younger two, when Jon got home from work I was pretty shouty and sent him off packing with all three kids in tow to Xander's swimming lesson! 

I think this final week we need to really crack down with some bedtimes again! 


Under the Sea week commenced with a day trip to Birmingham Sealife Centre.  So many sea species to see including penguins, seals, massive jellyfish, an octopus, star fish, sharks, rays and a huge green turtle in the 360 tunnel.  It was a great day out, all three boys were mesmerised by watching the sea creatures and we went around the centre twice!   Although today was also clearly the beginning of the boys turbulent week when we were already on our way home again around 3.30pm because the boys were so clearly tired! 


Monday was a bit of a quiet day. In the day time at least. We watched Finding Nemo (of course!) and then the idea was we would pick Jon up from work and then take the boys for a scoot somewhere coastal / watery.   Instead Jon spontaenously decided this afternoon / evening was a good day for school shoe shopping so we ended up in Bridgend outlet getting the boys their shoes. So as a mega treat the scooting became a walk around Cwmbran boating lake and a play in the park at 8.00pm at night! The boys obviously thought this was great!   


We took a little morning visit to the garden centre to see the fish - some of which were just as enormous as those that had been at the Sealife centre on Sunday! We needed to get a few last bit for  Grandma's birthday present (who was 90 today!) so it seemed like the perfect excuse to fit in some more sea creatures.  We then of course visited Grandma and then had another lazy afternoon at home. 


Wednesday was trip to Barry Island with our friends day!  We all opted for a late start which I think we all needed and got down to Barry in time for a late lunch. Another day where my boys weren't quite as easy going as they could've been but a lush day nonetheless. Once they had all settled in to playing on the sand, and a splash in the sea of course, it was such a lovely lovely afternoon! 


Another lazy morning watching Finding Dory before Luc had his first settling in hour with his new childminder as of September. Not really new to us though as already a friend of ours and Jon's from all the way back to high school.   I think this just about sums up the level of tiredness by this point of this week....


The less said about Friday the better! Haha! I knew the children were shattered, so we didn't do much at all. More lazing, another visit to childminder for Luc while the rest of us popped to Asda. And when a sleepy drive after this didn't do the trick for the children's mood it turned into me losing the plot, Jon doing a solo swimming lesson and me culling the playroom! 


The summer has returned! Hot and glorious weather meant we got the paddling pool out (as we had missed the boat with the previous hot spell)... cousins up for the weekend meant cousins came up for a paddling pool party too - tenuous like to 'under the sea' no?! 


Standard Sunday along with the addition of an evening to the beer garden! What's not to love! I think this is possibly only the 2nd or 3rd time we've attempted a beer garden with children in tow and it felt like a real treat. Meaning we had another late night bedtime (ooops) but it was great watching the children run around with their cousins and friends. Super evening. 

Now, sixth and final week starting a day late tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday has been Grandma's party day!) and we're choo-chooing into Trains week!    Can I bury my head in the sand about this time next week?!


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