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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 6 - Trains

I realise the summer is well and truly over. I also realised I neglected to finish my SWOS series. So for this morning, while I indulge in my first two hours to myself since Lucas started Nursery (can I say how strange this is?! To be in the house, on my own, without children, when I'm not feeling like death warmed up? Usually this only happens when I'm ill!) I thought I would a) have a cup of tea,  b) finish SWOS, c) sort Grandma's birthday photos and d) do some washing.

I mean six weeks? What six weeks?! Last week definitely bought us all back to reality with a bump and our household feels as tired, (if not more personally for myself!) than we did in those final weeks of July. Back to school has been hard going this year.  How many weeks until half term now? Haha!

But anyway, the long ago (it feels like!) Trains week!


Monday was spent garden partying, where every single member our family gathered to celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday that has been the week before. It was a really lovely lovely day and my favourite thing was that by some miracle we managed to take an entire family photo. With all 32 (including nine children age 7 or under!) of us, looking in the right direction and smiling at the same time! One of the best photos ever! 


A much needed home day. Apart from an hour out on bikes. Trying to persuade a very reluctant Lucas that he might like to learn to pedal his trike.   I didn't persuade and apart from 10 seconds at a time few and far between he managed to get his brothers to push him around some more instead! 

Back at home it was creative Tuesday. A large cardboard box acquired off my cousin meant we could turn it into a big train for teddies and small boys to travel in.  Followed by lots of chilling and watching Thomas the Tank engine films.   We needed a quieter day.


The first of three train journeys this week. A groupon purchased for the Pontypool and Blaenavon Steam Railway, costing us only £12 for a family ticket!   It is one of the stranger steam train lines we've ridden on, in that there is a lot of too and fro between stations going up and down the same parts of track a number of times.

However the boys loved it; they were given a Thomas the Tank sticker and activity book to take with them on the train by the guard as soon as they arrived and they got to travel in (what the guards told them was) a Harry Potter carriage.   We spent two hours on the train completing the journey twice and it was a lovely way to spend a bit of a dreary and damp Wednesday morning.


Jon took the car to work today. So as well as getting the planned train ride to Cardiff I had intended for the day,  we also caught the bus to the station and back home again too later on.  Three happy boys!  They were brilliantly well behaved all day too and I was so impressed with the helpfulness of strangers, helping the older boys and me plus buggy off the train; one lady even standing with them on the platform to make sure they were safe while I got Lucas and buggy off the train too.

So train ride completed, treated us to a Nando's for lunch and allowed the boys to spend some money each in town. Of course, money, as nearly always is was spent in the Lego shop (after a bit of drama with Zac who took almost two hours to decide what to spend his money on because he didn't have enough money for thing he really wanted!) 


A day off trains today.

Instead we decided to explore the Blaen Bran - a nature reserve woodland area in Upper Cwmbran. We decided to park in the Mountain Air carpark which meant we ended up climbing up the Mountain Air. 

It was actually really nice (apart from dodging illegal off-road motorbikes who ignored my frantic gesturing to stop or slow down as they whizzed past me right into the path of Xander and Lucas over the brow of a hill - to watch him then have to emergency stop instead - as you can imagine, I was WILD!)  to be able to do something different, now that Lucas is more reliant on his own steam, that up until recently we wouldn't have managed.   I guess this is another sign of the youngest growing up and there not being another baby coming up the rear.

Next time we're going to park in the Blaen Bran car park and explore the bottom end of the reserve.


Another day, another train. This time we spent the day at Perrygrove Trains in the Forest of Dean. A really quaint little place, with strange indoor village with tunnels, stairs and secret passageways for the children to run around, treehouses and outdoor play areas, model trains and a small steam train ride.     We really enjoyed our afternoon. I think we might return here for Father Christmas this year and the twilight evening train rides.


The last day of summer. Spent on Barry Island beach, in the sunshine, celebrating our friends twins birthdays.  And now all three of my little people wear a school uniform in Year 3, Year 1 and Nursery. As usual none of us were ready for summer to end and I already have a list of theme ideas going for Summer 2020.

Here goes the Autumn Term.


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