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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Zachary @ 9 Months

Well what a month! Of course it has flown by again, but Zachary really did have a busy little month growing up to be 9 months old. The end of July and beginning of August was a week of holidaying day trips from home, so he has been here there and everywhere this month. He has suffered terribly with teething; and just this week, just after turning 9 months old he has started commando crawling! 

The little man has been getting increasingly strong and adventurous. He reliably sits up upright and balanced now and securely lies himself down without us having to be close by in case he wobbles over and bumps. He has discovered the joy of standing up and has started to attempt to pull himself to standing. Mummy and everyone else make the best climbing frames but he is being brave and trying to use the sofa too, and the bath! It won't be long... 

Sleep? Well its probably best to not go there! There has been no improvement whatsoever! Clearly he is going to be one of those children who don't sleep through until they're 5 or something! Haha! Most days I've absolutely no idea how I'm functioning. It is surprising how you somehow adapt to broken sleep! 

My beautiful boy, you are now nine months old and weigh 20lb 1oz. You've lost a tiny bit of weight this month but I bet that is because you are a very active little baby now!  We've started phasing in your 9-12 month wardrobe,  mainly so you get some wear out of the summer clothes before the autumn arrives. They're huge on you at the moment, very long; it is such a jump in size this time, but hopefully that means they'll last you all the longer too! But you're still wearing lots of your 6-9 month clothes too.

Your first year is zooming by. It is unbelievable that another twelve weeks from now you will be having your happy birthday. We have booked your Dedication and birthday celebrations this month, so it will be a really special time, two celebrations at once. I really do wish time would slow down a little bit, so I could savour these baby days all the more. 

You are gorgeous, yes I'm biased, I am your Mummy, but you really are gorgeous. You have a cheeky little personality and take such delight in the world. You are so interactive now, and vocal. You laugh all of the time, you are so happy. Just today when Mummy and Daddy picked you up from your last settling in session at Nursery all the ladies looking after you were exclaiming how adorable and what a happy baby you are! 

Well, last month you were manoeuvring. This month you are REALLY manoeuvring! In the last few days, just around turning nine months old you have started to CRAWL! We're so proud of you baby small, and you are pleased as punch with yourself. Even in the three days you've been commando crawling you have improved loads and today I thought you were rather speedy! I don't think it will be long at all until you are crawling on your knees and then we'll all have to watch out!    

You really are into everything at the moment. Why is it, that with all of your toys around you that you seem to migrate to the nearest object you shouldn't be playing with? Xander's puzzles pieces, crayons and shoes seem to be your favourite items to try and play with at the moment!  

This month we have discovered just how ticklish you are, especially under your arms. Your favourite games have been singing 'Round and round the garden' and 'This little piggy' - as well banging the table/any surface with your hands or toys, banging your light up drum, and shaking your bell maraca rattle. Watching the change in your play is fascinating. You've definitely got the concept of cause and effect now and everything about your play has become so much more purposeful. 

Darling boy you've suffered long and hard with your teeth this last month. The little happy baby I just described disappeared for a week when it was at its worst. It has caused you no end of pain, unsettled and moaning during the day, screaming in the night, even more wakeful in the night and unsettled to go to bed. You HATED calpol (which surprised me when your brother thinks it is some sort of sweet treat!), so much so that forcing you to have some calpol would make you cry more for twenty minutes before it helped you. We've tried teething gels, and the much raved about teething powders, but for you Zac it has been ramping the pain relief up to teething Anbesol liquid that has finally helped you the most!  This is all new to Mummy, your brother breezed through teething with just the occasional smear of teething gel. 

But finally, finally, a week before you turned 9 months old your first little tooth popped through, and the second little tooth the next day! So two teeth at the same time, no wonder it has been so traumatic for you! 

This next month, growing up to be 10 months old is going to see changes again baby boy. Mummy is going back to work. I'm feeling very sad about it, I wish I could stay at home for as long as you so completely need me. I've loved being home with you and your big brother. You are completely Mummy's boy and I think this is going to be a month of separation anxiety for all of us, because Xander is going to feel it too! 

We're so blessed to have you baby small. 
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