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Monday, 27 February 2017

Lucas @ Seven Months

Here we are again, another month passed. A month of rolling and eating and teeth. A month where we're starting to see the very beginnings of who Lucas is going to be as an older baby. 

Days after his last blog update Lucas finally decided to roll properly. Now he is so fast to move onto his tummy that I can barely remember the few weeks ago when he was hardly moving at all. Rolling to his tummy is well and truly mastered, but although he can roll back the other way he does appear to choose not to on many occasions and shouts and complains for somebody to turn him back over!

This month Lucas has definitely needed a lot more entertaining and a lot more attention. Between a very obvious wonder week period and a month of cutting teeth its been a month of snuggles and cuddles. His happiest place at the moment is in arms, not even necessarily having to do anything else with him, other than hold him. Its just as well we love cuddling you baby Luc! 

Baby Lucas. What a month! I don't think we could have packed more into that month even if we had tried. This was the month you learnt to roll, and moved into your own room, ate lots of food, learnt your name, had your first go on a swing, attended your first wedding, had your first ride on a train and by the time I type this cut two teeth (the first a fortnight ago and the second within the last few days just after turning seven months old). 

Your teeth did indeed surprise us. At 6 months and 3 weeks old there was a tooth! Around three months earlier than either of your brothers, and low and behold at 7 months and a week old you have cut the second. It has meant a month of RUBBISH sleep for you, and therefore for me. The night you cut that first tooth we were up every hour. Every hour! The next night every other hour. The second tooth has not only seen multiple wake ups but waking up and staying awake for hours on end in the middle of the night too! Yes, I'm most definitely looking forward to a bit of respite from teething soon - as I expect are you. Poor baby. 

Your daytime sleep has changed too. You've settled into three naps a day now. Mostly of half hour in length but sometimes more and sometimes less, and still always better in arms! Daddy says I spoil you. 

You've moved into your room and in the cot have become the side sleeper I always knew you would be. You look so adorably cute all curled up on your side to sleep. Although I'll admit you have yet to spend the entire night in your room often coming in with me from midnight, or on a better night from around two. But I'm letting you off with your teething card for now! 

You are as gorgeous as ever Lucas. All 17lb 11oz of you. Your smile, your wonder at everything around you, your cheeky squirms and excited wiggles. You have such a beautiful nature. Just like your brothers. You can see your little personality really beginning to grow and shine; and it is cheeky! Obviously your brothers still get the very best out of you; you adore them, reaching for them whenever they are near to their excited squeals that your have held their hand or touched them or tickled them. 

They're less impressed however when you pull their hair baby man! Yes you've reached the reaching and grabbing at everything stage which includes hair and my glasses. Other than glasses and hair this month your favourite toys have been your orbit rattle, linky rings and twisty rattle. Basically anything that has been small enough to get your gums around and chew on! You also watch your light up toys with amazement - your big brothers enjoying your dancing Beat Bo robot as much, if not more than you do! 

The last few days you've started your third meal of the day and are enjoying a range of combined tastes now. Its been slow going but these last few days you're starting to behave hungry, like your anticipating food now and your appetite is on the up; I'm expecting a chunky weight gain by eight months now Lucas! 

Well once again you've ended up in my arms whilst I've been typing this. I ought to try putting you back into your bed, it is after all past eleven. My beautiful snoozing boy. 

Taken by Forrest and Fox

Have sweet dreams tonight precious baby. We adore you. 

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