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Friday, 21 August 2020

Little is FOUR!

On another damp and blustery day, Lucas is busy building train tracks and the older boys are busy watching Netflix. I'm feeling somewhat grumpy that the final two weeks of home before "back to school are looking pretty dismal for the weather... but I'm taking today's opportunity to sit quietly in the corner on my laptop; updating Lucas and his fourth birthday and then might move onto loosely completely some more planning ready for the new school term. 

It is hard to believe that our youngest baby is becoming a school aged boy! If I'm honest, I'm kind of struggling with the notion of no baby bringing up the rear as Lucas gets older. Not for a minute do I really believe we have the energy or the capacity for another as I hit my mid-late thirties and Jon on the cusp of forty. And I definitely have no desire for a return to the perpetual sleepless nights or the early days feeding demands of a newborn.  Its all inconsequential anyway when it would be something short of a miracle to be pregnant again now. But the pangs of broodiness are yet to disappear completely. I think its mostly these last weeks and months of the infancy chapter of our lives.... just the (very occasionally used) buggy in the boot left to vacate! 

Lucas is FOUR!

Little Lucas Elias. You continue to be absolutely determined NOT to be Little.   We are reminded almost daily that you are a big boy; because you tell us so, and because you are growing at an alarming rate these last few months... standing at 104cm tall already and filling out.   Clothes that Zac is outgrowing are simply being put straight into your drawers because the disparity between you is ever closing!  I'm pretty sure there will be a time where you wear the same size clothes and shoes which will be confusing for the washing I'm sure! 

I can't believe you are already four. It has been an absolutely crazy time of it since your last update. All the Monday and Tuesday afternoon adventures I planned for us while you were still half days never happened. Who would have thought you would ever have lived through a lockdown situation?! To have spent months nearly completely at home; all but a once a week short walk. No Nursery, no seeing grandparents and family, no daytrips, no park or soft play  or the other places you enjoy.  We've been at home and you just took it in your stride; accepting almost instantly that this was the way it had to be but frequently asking me "When Coronavirus goes away can we...." 

And here we are in what we hope is the 'other side' but resolved to the possibility these last few weeks have just been a respite and things might end up back into a lockdown situation. Mostly I hope you get to do Reception properly and not have it pulled from underneath you like Nursery has been. I'm so sad you didn't get the full Nursery experience, and especially sad that Nursery Graduation couldn't happen. A milestone that was so special for your brothers that you couldn't have in the same way.  

So instead we threw you a Graduation Birthday. It wasn't quite the same of course, but we made the best of it; complete with a cap and a sash and the smart little outfit I would've bought if you had had your school day.   

You loved your birthday! You had been so excited about it for such a long time.  No party this year, but at least we had been able at this point to form an extended household and have garden visitors. So Grandparents visited and we had a lovely all day party in the back garden! And the day before we were brave and ventured out for our first day out following the re-opening of places...  not the Thomasland we had originally planned for your big birthday day out but the next best thing for you at Perrygrove Railway.   You couldn't believe it! The first 'real' place you had been since lockdown... "you taken me to a train ride Mummy, really?!"   The three of you were so happy all day, running around the tree houses and going on the trains! 

Your birthday was the lockdown turning point for us and although summer hasn't been quite the same, or as jam-packed or as busy, we've have still been places, seen our friends and started to live again. 

I wonder if you'll remember anything of these months when you are grown-up? 

In many ways this lockdown and home-schooling situation has suited you. You have totally blossomed and flourished; going from unreliably recognising numbers and knowing little to nothing about letters to knowing all the numbers and ordering them to 30+,  reliably adding two numbers within 5 together, beginning to add two numbers between 10 together, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s,  writing numbers, letters and your name, smashing set 1 sounds and being able to blend and read CVC words independently and now beginning to have a go at CVCC words too!   With just a little 1:1 time every day you have become ever so Reception ready.   Even if I still think you're far too little! 

At FOUR you have become a force to be reckoned with! My goodness! Throughout June the threenager emerged and you have become increasingly strong-willed and determined; attempting to be more and more independent with a lot of "No Mummy don't help me" and "No Mummy I do it myself". You are feisty with a little temper emerging, an answer for everything already, demanding, screamy and dramatic. Apparently every time you're told off  you tell us "You broke my heart". Even as a veteran parent I feel like you are currently putting me through my paces!

But my boy are you a little sweetheart too. With all the "I love you's" for us all, cuddles in abundance, a beautiful chuckle and cheeky sense of humour (although verging on annoying little brother for your bigs they might say!) You couldn't look up to your big brothers anymore than you do; you constantly want their attention, have bonded more with Zac throughout lockdown and love it when he plays with you. Then you have Xander totally wrapped around your little finger on all the occasions he drops everything to build you a train track, or takes you around a playground that is slightly too big for you, picking you up and carrying you even!   You are firmly placed as baby of the family and Daddy says I spoil you. He is probably right.  

At FOUR you absolutely adore trains. At the end of Nursery you told me you want to be a train drive when you grow up. I don't think there is a day when your train track isn't emptied out of the box and built all around the living room, or your not thinking of the next Thomas and Friends train to add to your collection.   Thomas is a firm favourite for now; I'm hoping it remains that way for some time to come because I would really love to take you to Thomasland for your fifth birthday now as we failed to get there for your fourth. 

You love letters and numbers and the Numberblocks. If I'm honest, I think Numberblocks taught you more through lockdown than I did! Haha!  Your favourite colour is orange. You like Paw Patrol Mighty Pups and a sing-song from the back of the car; current track choice being Trolls World Tour.

You love being outdoors, a play in the garden or a trip to the park, you love your scooter and often ask if we can go out for a scoot. You've cracked it now and have become a total whizz, trying to go faster and faster to keep up with your brothers (and leaving me on pins waiting for you to crash!) We've almost got you there on pedalling your bike but you'll always choose your scooter over it - probably because you can go faster!

My Little, you are much more ready for the next chapter of adventure than I am!

You have blown us away this year Lucas and we couldn't be more proud of you. 

Loved millions and more, our baby one. 

Mummy and Daddy xXx 

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