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Monday, 23 January 2017

Lucas @ Six Months

My Little is now half a year old!

I cannot believe that six whole months have passed by since that long long hottest day in July wondering if we were actually going to be making our way to theatre at all. Six whole months that have gone by far far too quickly; oh how I want time to slow down, the clock to stop and just to keep him as my baby that little bit longer.  His every first is my last first, every milestone he meets is another step away from these baby days for me. I really do absolutely love these small magical baby days, and I think you only realise how much as they start to come to their end, or at least this is true for me. It is an incredible mix of wonder and longing. 

Lucas's firsts have been as exciting as his brothers firsts; still as mesmerised with amazement watching him experience or master something for the first time, and there are still so many firsts to come. Firsts for all three. But Luc's firsts are my last firsts. 

He really is a magical baby. 

There have been so many moments in these last six months where the daily grind of three little people has overwhelmed me. Moments when I've wondered if I was actually cut out to be a mother of 'three'. Moments when I've absolutely felt at my maximum capacity to cope and wondering if I'm going to explode with the pressure. Moments when I've felt I should be doing better.

 I can't deny that adjusting to three has been much harder than the days when I was adjusting to two - whether that be because of the number of children or the schedule of the older children + newborn was so different this time. It has certainly been a whole new learning curve. 

But each month that passes I feel like we're mastering the routine of three. Their differing needs and differing schedules. Little tweaks trying to ensure they're all getting equal time and attention. The school run is still exhausting and getting in and out of the car still feels like a draining military operation, but, I'm getting to the point where I'm not entirely filled with horror of contemplating solo outings with no back up! *Notes the horror will return when Lucas wants loose out of the pram*   

All of these moments have by far have been outweighed by the absolute joy of our three little boys. And it keeps getting better and better.  I love it. Three boys. The big two's adoration of their baby. The love the three of them have for each other, watching them be brothers. Lucas has just slotted into their little mix so perfectly and they truly are becoming 'The Morgan Boys'. 

Beautiful Little.  You are six months old now. Half way through your first year; now you really are getting bigger and bigger. Six months old you are 16lb 12oz heavy. In six months you have put on a whopping 10lb and 4oz of weight! My tiniest boy really did catch up after his slow start. I can barely remember what the little 6lb 8oz you felt like now! 

You've had a busy month baby boy showing us all the new things you can do. The excitement on your face when somebody walks towards you and you know you're going to get picked up. You so obviously anticipate it now, arching your back upwards and even lifting your arms as if to say up! You love being up, being able to see and look around. You're nearly always content to just be, sitting on someones lap or playing on your mat. 

There has still been no update on progress in the rolling situation - still so happy with your own company, and toes, that you have given up on the idea of movement (although you did make some attempt today to get to your front... watch this space...) but you have started to try sitting up. You love it. You are very wobbly, and need to lean on your hands and arms to support yourself but you are so proud of yourself baby boy. Sitting up, all by yourself! You look so big! 

At six months old your favourite toys are your light up rattle, your shakey ball you can grab and your jumperoo. Boy you love the jumperoo! It is quite incredible how much you can already bounce! So much so you've managed to rip the underneath of the seat! I think you're going to love discovering a whole new world of toys over this next month as you get better and better at sitting up. Your half birthday present is looking set to be a hit too! 

Finally you have decided you quite like the bath now. After five months of only tolerating the bath if Mummy got into the water with you, and screaming blue murder if we dare sat you in your seat, now you are absolutely loving it. You sit there and you kick and splash and have a whale of a time. You've even started having baths with your big brothers which they think is just wonderful - although they keep telling you off for splashing or kicking them! 

You are definitely super ticklish baby boy. The quickest way to get you to chuckle in even the slightest of tickley fingers on your tummy or chest. Your little face beams and you're full of gurgles. You are just the happiest baby. No matter how grumpy anyone in our family is feeling, we all look at you and you make us smile; I've watched your brothers be in the grumpiest of moods but in the split of a second switch to happy when they're talking to you.  You are definitely our happy place! 

Just as Mummy promised last month you are in your big boy buggy now and as I anticipated you love it! You look so warm and cosy snuggled up in there and the royal blue wheels definitely suits you. 

Sleep has been mixed this month. You're slowly emerging into a three naps a day pattern now although their length are as unpredictable as ever. Night-times have been fairing better - although still a mixed bag of hopeless nights and great nights! And typically when you're having a great run your brothers are not instead! *eye roll* 

We think you are beginning to teeth. Poor baby. You had a week when you didn't know what to do with yourself. Chomping on fingers and toys, red and flushed in the face. There is still no signs of imminent teeth, but then I remember your brothers being much like this too - the odd weeks here and there of terrible teething symptoms but months before the actual first tooth appeared. Maybe your teeth will surprise you and us and come earlier. 

Now we're into another month full of new adventures. This weekend you've had your first tastes of food and so far you seem to be loving it. With apple, carrot and even a bit of mash potato under your belt I wonder what your favourite will be? Tomorrow you're trying broccoli!  

Oh and this definitely will be the month you move into your room. Its painted, its carpeted - so just the furniture to build and finishing touches to go....

Another month that will no doubt whizz by.

Happy half birthday precious boy. 
We love you all the world, and more. 

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