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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Topsy Turvy

I'm having the sort of July that would normally tell me it is June. 

Last month I mostly felt numb. So busy in a craze of figuring out exactly what renovation the new house needed and preparing the old one for our tenant, I didn't have time to feel.  It passed by with but one moment of huge wobble on her birthday. 

But these last few weeks my moods are extreme; happy one moment, but then I've lost count of the rolling tears, strops, anger, impatience, worry, anxiety and worst of all panic.  

These months are back to front. Reaction delayed maybe. Stress maybe. 

It is clear heightened stress is not something I cope with well anymore. Was I always like this? I can't remember. The new house is crazy; the expense, the work we've decided to do, living at home again. It is all somewhat overwhelming. Things I should be able to take in my stride take me time to get my head around. I know I worry needlessly lots of time. I struggle when things are out of my control, and I guess this is all part of it too. A feeling of being out of control.

Delayed birthday grieving, heightened stress. 

It is time to pull it back together.

Maybe August will be my month for feeling on a more even keel again this year. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Zachary @ 7 Months

My darling baby boy is another month older again. Time zooms on by. My return to work is looming on the horizon, albeit just one day before the summer break. So not really until September at all but already I'm dreading leaving both of my boys. Somehow feeling worse about the prospect than last time and really not wanting this maternity leave and precious time with my children to end. If only there was a magic wand to keep me at home hey. 

As well as feeling emotional about that I'm also feeling nervous about Zachary. Although getting much better at being left with other familiar people for the moment, he isn't at all ready for a whole day without me. He still breastfeeds 3-4 hourly and is much more reliant on milk than Alexander was at the same age.  This day in work the week after next will be 'interesting' to say the least and I'm just hoping he won't be too distressed until Jon can bring him to me in the lunch time and then when I get home late afternoon. I know things could quickly change by September as he gradually gets more established on food, but this one day before the summer break could be very tricky for him.  

Zac appears to be much more a milk monster than Xander. Xander LOVED his food when he was weaned, couldn't get it in quick enough, would scream for more inbetween mouthfuls, scream blue murder when the bowl was finished and his portion sizes grew at an alarming rate. In stark contrast Zac is taking to food very slowly. Only last week we introduced a third meal and portion sizes, although slowly growing, are very hit and miss. Some meals turn out to be just a taste, yet others can be a full bowlful! Just now, he'll still happily take Mummy milk over a meal. Infact quite often he'll start eating, get upset and food is abandoned. Food is very much something he can take or leave and isn't bothered when its gone... I'm sure that will change in good time!  But with Mummy milk still being his main form of nutrition a whole day away from me isn't the greatest prospect for him, or me, or Jon! 

But, with another month of atrocious sleep we have introduced a 'dream-feed' bottle. So, I suppose if all else failed Jon could see if he would take one in the daytime too. Yes, sleep still isn't great. With nights of Mummy up every two hours from 11pm becoming the regular occurrence, we needed to try something different. So although not hugely consistent, and Zac only wanting 2-4 fl.oz (compared to the 9 fl.oz Xander would down at the same age!) it seems to have somewhat helped.  The last week has seen only one or two wake ups - which is a vast improvement! 

It has been a month of big changes. Baby small now shares a room with his big brother instead of sleeping next to me, and everyone has moved into my parents house while our new house is renovated. Huge changes for such a little person! 

My beautiful boy, at seven months old your weight gain has slowed down and this month you are 19lb 6oz. You are such a delightful gorgeous little thing and Mummy is totally fascinated watching you play and explore. 

You are getting stronger and better at sitting up all of the time, and you are finally on the move! After spending so long being just a smidgen away from rolling over, you did it and now there is no stopping you! You are no longer a 'find you where I left you baby' and no sooner are we turning our backs you have zoomed across the entire room and getting up to mischief, usually getting your hands on something you shouldn't or trying to play with your big brothers toys; much to his disgust! Oh how he loves you Zachary, but he isn't afraid to tell you they are his toys and gives you one of yours to play with instead.  It is going to be interesting seeing how your little brotherly love relationship develops now you are getting into everything!

Your play is getting better all of the time. You are so much better at manipulating toys now, your fine motor skills are just emerging and you are learning to clumsily press buttons to make things sing to you or light up. You are starting to get cause and effect and remembering how to play with your toys, remembering what they do and what you like. It is such a joy watching you shake your rattle with such enthusiasm! You are so purposeful now. 

Your favourite toys are becoming everything and anything you can get your hands on, but you have a definite soft spot for your giraffe and elephant off the animal train Mummy and Daddy gave you for your half birthday, they make great clicky noises that you love!

You are such gorgeous company Zachary. You have a infectious little laugh and a wonderful little personality beginning to shine through.  

Such a beautiful happy baby boy and we all love you very much. 
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