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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Zachary @ 10 Months

The baby small boy is 10 months old. Ten. Months.  How did he get to double figures already? 

Zachary has had an absolutely amazing month. He has had an incredible burst of physical development and he has changed so much. At my last update he had just started to commando crawl just a few days before; a fortnight later he started to crawl properly, the day after that he pulled himself to standing for the first time, and the day after that he started to cruise up and down the sofa! What a week that was; talk about a leap and a half hey?! 

Now a few weeks later again he is a speedy little thing and quite the escape artist. Zac certainly notices an open door or gate now and makes a bee-line for it for freedom! 

This month I've really started to notice him trying to exert his opinion on a situation; particularly not wanting to go into his carseat or buggy! I don't remember the arch of the back and shouting at me starting this quite so early on with Alexander! I think we're going to have a fire-cracker on our hands before long! 

My lovely wonderful boy, at 10 months old you weigh 20lb 8oz and have really discovered the joy of movement. You are such a clever boy! In just a space of three days you learnt to crawl on your hands and knees, stand up against the sofa and start cruising along it. You are so proud of yourself little one, and so excited to be able to stand up tall now. Already you are experimenting with your balance, letting one hand go of the sofa and turning yourself to the side. You are so desperate to be wherever Xander is, this month you've been crawling after him all the time so I think he will be in for a shock when you can properly chase him on those feet!

You love taking steps now holding our hands; you can walk across a room with us standing above you now, and will take a few steps towards us if we're holding your hands outstretched. I'm so impressed with your balance, you keep letting go of one of my hands wanting to do some of this standing business by yourself. I don't think it will be long before you're trying to let go of the other one too! 

This month you have started nursery on a Wednesday, and Mummy went back to work. Mummy has found it so hard leaving you and Xander again and the best part of my work days is getting home to my boys. But we have settled into a new weekly routine and you have settled so well at nursery, no tears at all. I'm so surprised because you are such a Mummy's boy and cry even if I leave the room at home, but you've been so good at nursery drop off; happily going to the ladies for a cuddle. You give such gorgeous cuddles ZacZac. You snuggle right in and rest your head on my shoulder or chest, you do love a cuddle, and so does Mummy. 

Finally your appetite seems to be picking up properly and your exploring so much more food. Every meal time we give you some finger food to feed yourself as well and you are doing fabulously well. Meal times have definitely become three courses rather than just the one! It must be all that moving you're doing now constantly burning all your calories off!  I've also decided you are right handed, as nearly all the time you'll reach for your food with your right hand (unlike your brother who mostly indicates he is left handed.) You're starting to eat 'family' foods roughly mashed up now rather than me puréeing, and lots of the time you're eating what we eat rather than me making you up a special baby meal. 

This month you have perfected a new little screech. It is totally adorable and you save it for when you are at your most excited. You are becoming more and more vocal, constantly babbling away to yourself - it will be so excited when those little babbles take on meaning and you find your first word. 

This month your favourite toys have been noisy rattles, toot toot cars, and the Noah animals. The Noah animals are the perfect size for grasping in your hands and at the moment you really enjoy the smaller toys that you can pick up and study for a bit longer - then chew! 

You make us happy every day baby small. We love you, always and always. 


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