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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Zachary @ 11 Months

In just under three weeks this wonderful little boy will be one! One!  This year has sped by at an astonishing rate; pretty unfathomable really that this time last year I was enormously pregnant and counting down the days anxiously to Zachary's birth day. 

So Zac is 11 months old. 

Last month I said I thought we would have a fire-cracker on our hands before long and I was definitely right! Zac has become really quite feisty and absolutely determined these last few weeks! He shouts when he wants to get up now, he shouts when he wants to get down, shouts when you are not getting his food quick enough, shouts when you are trying to dress him, shouts about going in the buggy or carseat and shouts at Xander when he won't let him play with the toy he wants!  More than ever before he has discovered his will and his voice. 

Zac is such an adventurous little thing now and the definition of 'into everything' - leave a door or gate open and he spots it within seconds and is off exploring, leave anything on the side within his reach and he'll have nabbed it before you know it. 

Mostly I think he just wants to be like his big brother. Whatever Xander is doing Zac wants to be doing, he won't leave Xander alone at the moment and although Xander is amazing at playing with his baby brother, sometimes, understandably he wants to play with his big boy toys without his pesky baby knocking everything over! 

I'll tell you this; a newborn and just turned two year old is MUCH easier than an almost one year old and just turned three year old. Chaos reigns! 

Darling Zachary, at 11 months old you weigh 20lb 13oz. You've had me worried my boy with your weight gain slowing down so much but the health visitor says you are just fine. You're definitely getting a bit more demanding of food now, wanting the second boob at milk time as well as up to 7oz of milk with Daddy when he gives you a bottle so with an ever increasing appetite I'm sure you'll be having a great big growth spurt and chunky weight gain before long. 

This month you have been getting more and more social. You are so funny and cheeky now little Mr. You are babbling more and more; constantly cooing to yourself, blowing bubbles and chatting away in your own little way.  You have learnt to 'High 5' too which is super cute. 

You are adventurous and into everything now. If we don't want you to have it you are all the more determined to get it - this month especially the TV remote or our mobile phones!  You are on the go all the time crawling from one place to the next and pulling yourself to standing whenever you can. I'm really impressed with your balance and control; you can sit yourself down from standing up now with quite a finesse instead of just landing on your bottom! 

Bathtime is a bit traumatic at the moment. You are an absolute nightmare my boy! You insist on standing up, and then slip and slide around. Mummy and Daddy are quite nervous you're going to crack your head open before long. You are utterly unimpressed being plonked back down on your bottom every two seconds which makes you very shouty and cross at us! Goodness, you love the water but it is just easier at the moment to give you a quick shower in with me than muster the energy to wrestle with you for bathtime. 

You love to play now Zac. You watch your brother all day long and are so desperate to do whatever he can do! Even though he isn't very impressed that you keep bulldozing all of his toys, you and Xander do play so beautifully together too now. You've learnt to be part of a game - one of your favourite things is to follow Xander around the room -  you've been playing chase around armchairs, through the play tunnel, under the dining room table, even around the big loop of the house. You both think it is hysterical; you because you can follow your big brother and Xander because you are following him!  It is gorgeous to watch and really makes Mummy smile. 

This month your favourite toys have been the bead frame and a green stem from a 'flower construction' toy - you keep picking it up and taking it everywhere with you! You've also discovered books this month and love turning the pages and listening to stories at bedtime like Xander. 

On the day you turned 11 months old you learnt to clap and wave! All in one dinner time you started to wave back at everyone and then a few minutes later started clapping your hands too. How clever are you?! 

I thought this month would be the month I was going to be able to say that finally sleep had improved. There was a two week stint of an amazing only waking up once in the night, and dare I say it four nights of sleeping through (!) in a row (!). But it wasn't to last, a horrible tummy bug hit you and your brother and sleep has become an unpredictable affair again since. Oh well. At least you've shown me you can do it and while I wait for you to sleep a bit better again I'll enjoy those snuggly sleepy cuddles, complete with you insisting on tucking your hand into my top now to go to sleep too. 

You are busy busy busy and absolutely delightful my lovely baby small. I can't believe your next update will be your birthday! 


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