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Monday, 5 February 2018

Lucas Little @ One Plus Half

Somehow, my baby became a toddler. Lucas is eighteen months old!

The last six months have whizzed by and although his first birthday only feels like it was a few months ago, apparently he has already had a half birthday too! Eighteen months! There is certainly truth in the saying "blink and you'll miss it". Where is his babyhood going, how can he possibly already be in this toddler territory?! It all seemed to happen overnight. One minute he was still very baby baby and then the next he is practically running around the room. Nursery have remarked many times how sudden it seemed for them to,  but that it happened at the right time in the weeks leading up to his move to toddler group. He really does seem so big now in many ways. 

His new baby cousin, for example, just makes him look enormous, but his big brothers still make him look so small. It is a bizarre turn of events when all the cousins are together and he suddenly seems more at home with the big boys trying to zoom around the house with them, than he does sat with the babies. 

But he is still my baby and I'm feeling pretty determined to baby him for as long as he'll let me! Haha! 

It is safe to say I now totally understand the youngest syndrome because he is without a doubt the most spoilt of the three. Oh the things he is allowed, or gets away with, simply because he is the baby is amazing! The tit-bits he is passed off plates, or the chocolate consumed, and biscuits! He doesn't miss a trick; if you have something he wants it too. And not just wants anything, oh no, he wants exactly the same treat and knows precisely when you have tried to fob him off with a baby alternative. He won't have any of that nonsense!  The others would never have had so much food rubbish at this age. Christmas was a prime example - at just shy of one and a half do you think the other boys had chocolate advent calendars? Did they heck! But Little Lucas? Two. Two advent calendars. One at home and one at my Mums. This baby is most definitely a Cadbury marketing dream because even before being eighteen months old he recognises Cadbury purple wrappers as chocolate. I don't know whether to be impressed or ashamed! Haha! Maybe by the third boy it really does become anything for an easy life! 

To say the last six months has been busy would be an understatement. Don't you just love how much of a sponge babies are at this age? He has learnt to stand and step and walk. He is trying harder all the time to talk.   Lucas has become so knowing, determined and assertive. I don't think there is much he doesn't understand now and it is the cutest to see him responding to your instructions appropriately and playing with toys in more representational ways. Everything about him has changed compared to even those six months ago when he turned one.  

I love this age and even though I have done the baby/toddler thing twice before I'm still really excited by Lucas and all that he is learning every day. 

My Little Lucas. At eighteen months old you are about 79.5cm tall and 24lb 9oz heavy.  This puts you on the charts at 50th for weight and just over the 9th for height. You are still comfortably wearing 12-18 month clothes with a few bits of 18-24 months thrown in too because they were new and I liked them too much to wait for you to grow anymore to wear them!  The differences in you three boys at the same age fascinates me. (Xander at this age was already 86cm and 28lb and Zac was a smidge taller at 80cm but only 22lb.) You seem to be tracking somewhere in the middle of the three. Perfectly you.  

You are growing and changing all the time. What a gorgeous age; every day is exciting. I can't believe we are already celebrating your half birthday and all the things you have learnt to do since your turned one. And there has been so much. In a space of a week in October you went from standing unaided, to stepping! 1st October you stood and the 6th October you stepped. 14 and a half months old. And then another month on you were walking across a room. Now you are running. There really is no stopping you! The earliest walker of the three! 

In the last six months you have already been on your first plane ride, on a holiday to Spain and seen your first proper snow. Flying you weren't too bad with. You were not impressed with having to be strapped to me for take-off and landing and did get frustrated for parts of the journey, but mostly we were lucky and you slept for a good chunk of all the journeys. And when you weren't sleeping you were happy with snacks, or iPads, or colouring books or story books! And snow. Well you weren't really that fussed to be honest. You were interested to look at it, but it was too cold for you and you quickly got miserable. A sleigh ride was ok though! 

You really are so determined. You know what you want to do and will persevere (strop!) until you've done it! The word no doesn't often deter you and we spend our days retrieving you from whatever you are not supposed to be doing. You are the biggest nightmare with anything with buttons and you disturbing the washing machine and dishwasher mid-cycle has become the bane of my life. I'm frequently moaning at Daddy that I want a gate put on the gap in the kitchen to stop you being a rascal! 

Mostly you are determined to be big like your brothers. You are always trying to copy them and they are your favourite people! Your little face lights up and you squeal your excited squeal when they have come home from school and you can play with them again. Everything they do you want to join in with.  You love nothing more than running around the living room with them and getting stuck in with the rough and tumble. Of course they encourage you to climb all over them too and you think it is absolutely great! What a beautiful trio of brothers you all are.  They are always so proud to show you off as their Baby Luc. If I spoil you, they spoil you more! They love you enormously. 

At eighteen months old your favourite things are dancing, the remote control, playing cars, balls, reading books, Duplo, ride-on-toys - especially your new big boy scooter and the swings at the park. You like watching PJ Masks and Peppa Pig on the TV and have discovered the joy of the Stick Song on youtube from Hey Duggee. In fact you're known to hold my phone up to me as say "ick" for Stick! Haha!

You have discovered Happyland the last couple of weeks and already I can see you trying to pretend play. You love playing with your Toot Toot garage, your rocket, bus and light up minion ball. I love hearing you say 'brmm' as you push your cars around and shout and coo as if you are talking to your toys. I love watching you on your scooter, because you love that you're a big boy with your own big boy scooter just like your brothers, complete with your own little rocket helmet. You could not have been more thrilled on Boxing Day with that off Nana, Bampi and Auntie Bex. Most of the baby baby toys have been donated to my classroom or given away elsewhere now. Sob.

At eighteen months your clearest words are "ilk" for Milk and Catboy. Or "ahbohh" as you say it. It is quite entertaining that you enjoy PJ Masks so much that you learnt one of the characters names! You even say it in the right place every time during the theme tune! You are trying so hard all of the time to say words. You can say Mama and Dada, although mostly Mama is said when you are tired and whiny! You say "ac" for Zac and something like "ardar" for Xander.  You can say no and nod for yes. You say "eeees" for a photo! Mostly all the words you say at the moment are the end-sounds. You can sign for please, finished, help and more.  For what you can't say you have figured out ways to indicate what you want. You go to the bottom of the stairs when you want to go to bed, you go and get your shoes when you want to go outside, you point to the cupboards when you are thirsty or hungry.   You understand so much more than you can say but you babble and vocalise back all of the time! You follow simple instructions and clearly know the names of lots of your toys and things now, and some of your body parts too. 

I fear you are a properly neglected youngest child and there are things you can't do yet that maybe your brothers already could by now.  Well, you can do, but maybe not as quickly or naturally, like all of your body parts, or animal noises and names or puzzles and shape-sorting. You still have to sit figure it out. I'm always feeling guilty for the all the time I'm not spending with you properly and how your mornings with Mummy are filled with school runs and errands instead of baby classes and playtime. I promise I will make these two years of school runs up to you come September when the 3 school runs become 2 school runs and we'll have two whole days a week to ourselves. We'll celebrate with an annual pass somewhere fun we can go every week while your Bigs are at school! Haha!  

At eighteen months old you sleep well. (Quick, find some wood!!!). Of course we still have the occasional horrendous night, (lets not talk too much about that night the week before last when you were crying out and unsettled every 20-30 minutes through the night when I was flying solo!), but most of the time you sleep through, and if you do stir it is just to put a dummy back in and you settle back off almost straight away. You are good to go down to bed between half 6 and 7 most nights with a bottle and a cuddle.  

You're still breastfeeding, but unlike your brothers the bedtime feed has been the one to go. Before Christmas I honestly thought it wouldn't be long before you had dropped it completely but then you were poorly and since then you have very much craved it for comfort and routine again. It is the morning feed you still ask for every morning, quite literally now as you pull at my top and say "ilk"! You still sneak the odd boob in every now and again in the daytime too if you are particularly tired and we are at home. You see, yet another example of you being spoilt!    

Isn't it funny. With Xander I said 18 months was my upper breastfeeding limit and he stopped by himself at 17 months. Zac I threw my rule book out of the window because to try and stop him at 18 months wasn't right for him, but he stopped just before he was 2, albeit with a nudge. And with you I'm feeling no rush or have no age in my head at all (within reason!!), although I fully expect it to be sometime before this year is out. I'm just enjoying this special baby time with you, because you are my last baby and when you stop that part of my life will be over. 

But with so much more still to come! I wonder what you'll be able to do before we get to two? Two?! Your birthday will be here again before we know it and I wish time would slow down! For now you are my baby one.  

You bring so much joy to this family Lucas, completely adored by us all. You are such a happy, cheeky and playful little boy and never fail to make us smile. Our baby. Now we're on a toddler adventure!  

We love you Lucas Little, always. 

Mummy and Daddy (and Xander and Zachy) xXx 


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