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Sunday, 19 August 2018

SWOS 2018 Weekly Roundup - Four - In The Garden

The summer weather we're more accustomed to has returned. Warm muggy days and shower dodging! We have had a much quieter week this week with plenty of home days, although all written down it doesn't look quieter at all! Another week has flown by! 


Recovering from a tiring few days away with rubbish sleep we all needed this home day. It would've been even better if we (and by that I mean me) hadn't had to go and do the food shopping with three little boys in tow and of course Aldi was absolutely manic. I softened the blow with the boys by popping in Asda to get their lunch boxes ready for Back to School too. Avengers chosen by Xander and PJ Masks chosen by Zac. 

Later in the afternoon after much mooching about watching TV and picking out some garden films for the week we had a play in the garden! 

After playing in the sand pit and with bubbles and generally running riot Xander asked for a tuff spot. I hadn't planned one for today so had to think on my feet! Luckily, we haven't cut the grass out the back in weeks (months) as it hasn't really needed a cut with the hot weather again until recently - so we used this opportunity to do a grass investigation. I got the boys to look at the grass and find lots of different greenery and growth - it was amazing what they pulled up - plenty of flowery weeds, leaves, grass tufts etc.  Zac then decided he wanted to turn the grass tuff into a jungle for his animals. 


A morning at the dentist followed by more Back to School shopping - trying to find material for new PE bags (although ended up getting it online in the end - more Avengers for Xander and PJ Masks for Zac), getting Zac his book bag and taking advantage of some uniform for Xander in the 25% off at Sainsbury's. 

Then for the afternoon we went to Raglan Garden Centre with Mum and Dad aka Nana and Bampi. My Dad visits here regularly but I had never been before. It is a really lovely garden centre with a small outdoor play area and it felt spacious and lovely. Dad said it was the busiest he had ever seen it!    We had lunch in the cafe and then explored. 

We played a 'Can you find me a (colour) flower' game and all three were just loving running around and exploring. Luc's favourite was a water fountain that he kept going back to to splash in and all three enjoyed looking at some fish. It was just a really lovely afternoon and we bought some pots and flowers for planting later in the week. 


Big Boy Wednesday started off in soft play with some of Zac's Reception starter friends. We were supposed to spend the morning in the park but rain called play and we went to soft play instead. It was nice to see how pleased he was to see some of his buddies from nursery and nice for them to all see each other half way through the holidays before Reception starts in a few weeks. 

Then for the afternoon we went over to Dewstow Gardens and Grottos with some friends from school. The boys were excited by the ponds and all the stepping stones and have a great time exploring the gardens and cave areas and were mostly unfazed by an dark tunnels we came across! We bought the childrens trail but to be honest the boys lots interest in it very quickly preferring just to whizz around exploring - or more aptly, whizzing around jumping on stepping stones and in puddles and splashing in their wellies. What is it about water?  Funnily, Zac remembered the cave he was in when he fell into a pool of water last summer - as soon as walked into it, he said this is where I fell in before! 

The bit of  the day that kept all four boys most entertained the longest was playing under a huge conker tree - they must have spent nearly an hour collecting treasures, exploring immature conkers, making pretend camp-fires, running up and down the grass and rolling down hills. 

On the way home Xander asked to go and see Belle to give her some of what he had collected today but we wouldn't have got there before the cemetery closed so I told him we would go another day before the end of the week. 


Thursday was well and truly a messy home day. In the morning they all needed a bath after painting pots and in the afternoon they all needed another bath after a mud tuff spot! 


This morning we went up to see Belle in her garden, as I had promised Xander we would, then we spent the rest of the day at Nana and Bampi's house before Family Film Night. Friday film night has become one of my favourite parts of the week this summer holiday and something I hope we can keep up even when the holidays end. Although it might have to be Saturday nights as I can't believe the boys won't be too exhausted from a week of school to have a later night on a Friday in term time! 

Anyway, as I've said elsewhere today when sharing another aptly time post from Still Standing Magazine, I love how the boys often think of Belle in their own way. The treasures that Xander had collected Wednesday at Dewstow had been precious to him because he had wanted to take them home to put in his collection. But before we had even got home he had thought of his sister and had wanted to take them to her instead. Thoughts of significance. 

So often they'll mention her spontaneously and independently of me. Zac will see a graveyard and get excited because he thinks we're near his sister. They so often say they love or miss her or that they are sad that she died.   I love how much effort both of the big boys were putting into talking to Luc about Belle on the way up to the cemetery too. Getting him to repeat her name again and again and telling them that she was his sister too. 

It fascinates me the relationship they have all carved with the sister they never met.


The plan of action today was to go bike riding around some flower gardens and park but after loading the car and driving down the road the car started flashing up yet more warnings of engine management problems so we thought it best to turn around. The car is about to cost us a ton of money. Sob. 

So no bike riding today, while Jon and his friend did another quick 'sticking plaster' on the car before the even bigger expensive fixes over the next few weeks.  Instead another home day and we got all crafty with the boys making some beautiful paper plate flowers.  I loved watching their different approaches - Xander decided to give his flower a face, Zachy went for a very red theme because this is his favourite colour - he was very thorough colouring the whole flower red with a crayon before sticking bits on top, and Luc did very little colouring before he said he was finished, as you would expect, but then with all the materials on offer for sticking he wanted all of the circles and didn't want to use anything else (until the glitter came out!) All of their favourite bits was definitely the glitter!


With the car road-ready enough again we decided to go for another carvery today (although I over-did it and spent the afternoon wishing we hadn't!) and then to reattempt bike riding.   Bike riding was achieved but the height of excitement today was a baby squirrel in need of help. Whatever next! 

While riding around the boating lake another Mum was pointing out a squirrel to her children - on closer look Jon could see it was moving very abnormally and was very small so he got closer to  investigate. It turns out it was a very young baby squirrel - not yet opened its eyes - and wasn't old enough or strong enough to move anywhere far which is why it looked so strange using all its energy and might to try and scurry anywhere at all. It looked distressed and I think had fallen from the nest. 

I've no idea if we did the right thing or not - but Jon picked it up and it instantly calmed, curled up in his hand and went back to sleep. The boys instantly loved this squirrel - even the baby who is usually wary of animals was asking to cuddle it! (We didn't let him!) and Zac named him Tag. (All this while explaining to them to not get attached because he wasn't going to become our pet!) 

We phoned the RSPCA for advice. Who told us to take it home and make him comfortable in a box and someone would come and collect him. A little later they phoned again and said they wouldn't be able to collect but had made arrangement with a vet nearby if we could take the squirrel there.   On inspection at vets it appears the baby squirrel did have some injury somewhere with signs of blood in nose and mouth but unfortunately unless the RSPCA had somewhere where the squirrel could be hand-reared right now the most likely outcome now would be putting it to sleep because of its 'pest-status' and them not being able to re-release him to the wild. 

What a shame. I feel sorry for the poor little mite and that our rescue efforts were in vain as the outcome ends up being the same! At least he was calmed and comfortable I suppose! 

Only two weeks to go now! This week we're planning a bit more Back to School shopping and lots of Fairytales and Forests! 


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