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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Boy Two Is FIVE!

The end of the year blog is mostly penned already, but before we reach New Years Eve and the sentimentality of the end of two thousand and eighteen it is high time I put together Zac's fifth birthday post. After all, he has already been five for a month now (on Boxing Day). From his half birthday he has been so adamantly four and half.

Not four.

The half has been important!

And maybe the half has made a big difference because he certainly has had the biggest growth spurt I've ever known him have these last few months. On his fifth birthday Zac measured 102.5cm and 33.9lb heavy.

Compare that to June went he was still under a meter tall! So-much-so that although Zac is still comfortably in 3-4 aged clothes currently, (with the odd 4-5 pyjamas and dressing gown thrown in for plenty of wear!) it wouldn't surprise me if 4-5 wasn't more quickly on the horizon after barely being in his 3-4 wardrobe any time at all. 

Springing up and maturing too to go with it.  

Zac has blown me away with how he has coped with finishing Nursery and starting Reception (and of course that means school full-time.) For the amount I worried about it... he has taken to it like a duck to water! Sure he was so so tired in that first half term, and he has had the odd blip in school, but, mostly he has started big school like an absolute pro. Parents evening was just lovely with his teacher describing him as a 'delightful little boy' and that he was an absolute dream in the classroom. So keen to learn and producing some beautiful work already. 

My super Small. 

My beautiful Zachary. Another six months has whizzed by in the blink of an eye. It feels like you were only four and a half for a mere moment and now you are already five. Already five and one month old. 
It has been a busy six months nonetheless. Finishing Nursery and starting Reception. You've made us so proud with how you have coped with the transition from one to the other. The day you Graduated from Nursery I couldn't have been prouder of you. We had spent weeks preparing you with a bit of 'drawing and chat therapy' so you knew exactly what to expect on the day. And it worked. So proud I was in fact that I cried happy proud tears and had to hold a huge proud lump of a sob in my throat throughout your Graduation performance. 

From not managing a single parent attended event very well all of the Nursery year.. then for Graduation, in that final week of the school year, not only did you manage it well, but with Miss Davies (your favourite teaching assistant) sat near you, coaching you, encouraging you and sometimes just distracting you with a big boy job of holding her clipboard -  you stood on the stage, joining in the actions and the singing and just being an absolute superstar!  Showing us how you are maturing all of the time and being such a very big boy ready for Reception. 

Of course there are still those times when you're finding something overwhelming and tricky, but you're finding new grown up ways to cope and react all of the time too. I can see you trying to so hard and so can lots of other people. Bampi commented just this week what a grown up boy you are being these days.

And now you have been in Reception for a whole school term and you've been amazing.  Knocking graduation out of the park and raising it up with a Christmas concert. Not only were you expected to be on stage, but this time you had a line to say all by yourself too - Do you remember when Santa got stuck up the chimney? - and you were one of the clearest and loudest to hear as well. 

I'm totally gushing I know, but my heart bursts with pride how far you have come in yourself these last six months.All of a sudden all that lacking self-confidence I have worried so much about seems to be blossoming. What a grown up boy you are.

At four and a half to five my favourite things are putting bold bright prints in your wardrobe. Jazzy tops and tshirts really suit you and some of your favourite things to wear this summer was your lion and animal t-shirts from Next, a style that you can pull off that I wouldn't have bought for Xander. You are definitely more one on your own my boy! 

At five my favourite thing about you is that you still don't conform to the 'boy' mold of society and that you are still so blissfully unaware, well either that or you don't yet care, that the majority of 5 year old boys wouldn't necessarily choose the things you do. You are so perfectly you with your love of unicorns, princesses and sparkles.  Your manner is still so sensitive in a way that I still feel the Mama Bear in me wants to protect, whilst having an internal battle with myself to encourage your individual spirit too. 

A prime example of this was in September when you needed new wellies. You really wanted the pink and glittery unicorns wellies. I wanted to let you have the unicorn wellies but guided you towards the Mickey Mouse wellies that we eventually settled on instead. Not because I cared if you had pink unicorn wellies, but because I knew other people would make comment about my little boy in pink unicorn wellies and I was fairly sure your sensitive little soul would be crushed if you were made to feel silly for wearing pink unicorn wellies. 

So with some gentle coaxing I steered you (while telling myself off because I there hence became part of the bigger societal problem) towards the Mickey wellies.   My wish for you is that you'll keep a part of  indifference to societal norms always and that you'll keep on liking what you like because you like it and not because of some silly gender rules. I hope your unicorn onesie off Aunty Bex for Christmas has made up for it! 

At five your favourites things are still My Little Pony and unicorns (we just covered that), PJ Masks (another whole range of PJ Masks toys joined the PJ Mask box over your birthday and you couldn't be more thrilled with your Owlette costume in particular), Disney Princesses and Lego (and especially Disney Princess combined with Lego and Princess Mini-figs. As an aside you are going to be wild excited for the surprise we have in store you with some Disney Princesses at Easter), your favourite story is still Room On The Broom (and so your birthday was themed around that), you love drawing and colouring and Mrs Perry says whenever there is choice in school you go straight to the writing table. 

Your drawings are so recognisable and detailed, your letter formation is just beautiful and you take such care over colouring in already. I adore all your little artwork. So different to your older brother who didn't click with being bothered about putting pen to paper or writing really at all until half way through Year 1.  But just like your older brother you are so bright. On that front you were definitely more than ready for Reception! 

You are flourishing with the new challenges at school and are really enjoying learning, soaking up all of the new things you can do.  More and more welsh words, reading, number bonds to mention but a few things. You have already learnt to blend sounds to make words and are so proud of yourself bringing home your very own reading books from school now in your very own book bag.  Playing dominoes you have learnt to double your numbers 1-6 and are quickly picking up number bonds to and within 10.  Early on, at the start of Reception you came home with a certificate for being able to write your numbers to 20 independently.

We celebrated your fifth birthday with a 'Room On The Broom' themed party. Zoe the Witch from Louby Lou storytelling came to help your party go off with a Iggity Ziggity Zaggety Zoom! You had a great party and what I loved about Zoe was that she was so switched on to you straight away and changed her approach with you as soon as she noticed that you were unsettled about something. Unfortunately you had spiked a temperature in the hours after your party and you weren't feeling 100% for the rest of the weekend but with some sponsorship from Calpol we got you through to enjoy all of your celebrations. So the next day we went to the Legoland Discovery Centre and we all had a great time. You loved all the Lego Friends mini figs and building area and the Lego City themed soft play area, and we all loved the Lego 3D Cinema! 

Then the very next day it was the actual day. Your fifth birthday. You so proudly set off for school with your number 5 badge and your teachers said you spent all day showing it to everybody. After school we enjoyed your birthday banquet (with amounts of food to rival the current Christmas situation!) and your as requested birthday fireworks party in the garden. I think you had forgotten that fireworks were loud though because the first surprise bang had you (and your baby brother) bursting into tears. You soon recovered though and thought your birthday fireworks and sparklers were the best. 

And just like that another birthday and another year is done! My favourite part of a birthday is always the snapshot of the year birthday video. I hope you enjoy it. I thought the 'What I Am' song by Will.i.am was just perfect this year, along with 'Life is a Highway'... summing up your journey from four to five perfectly. Our beautiful, thoughtful, musical, smart, brave, helpful, special, super, proud, friendly, grouchy, magical little boy! You've had such a year of growing up, especially these last six months and we're so totally proud of you. 

You, our Zachy Small is FIVE and wonderful with it too.   

I absolutely cannot wait to share all the adventures in store this year all the way to six with you. 

We love you endlessly and forever Zachary Stephen. 

Mummy and Daddy xXx 


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