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Saturday, 19 May 2012

S is for...

... St. Lucia...

We honeymooned here.. Beautiful, really a holiday of a lifetime. We won't mention Jon's almost deathly experience and two week stay in hospital on our return, now we'll just focus on the amazing first eight days we spent in St Lucia.  

Jon and I haven't taken many 'proper' holidays together. We've done lots of weekends in London, a week up in the Lakes and drove over to France a few years ago. This year we're planning to go up North, next year we're toying with the idea of driving over to France again and euro-camping, but this is the only 'proper' fly-away holiday we've had so far. Our honeymoon. 

These are some of my favourite honeymoon photographs!

Our resort - helicopter ride view! 

Resort side beach

Sunset 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Ship Ride 

The view from the beach side bar!

A different way to lounge in the pool!

In the helicopter


Our wedding rings

Married 3 days here and about to fly away!

Our bed when we arrived! 


Arlee Bird said...

I see you're still at it as far as the A to Z goes. Good for you! Beautiful photographs. The place looks like a paradise.

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