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Friday, 31 August 2012

Master Ten Months

Our lovely little boy is another month older again! 

We're drawing ever closer to his birthday and I'm so excited already. This little man's birthday is going to be such a huge deal; giving him an amazing first birthday we couldn't do and never can do in quite the same way for his sister. All his birthday's will be a big deal. I'm already planning! Waybuloo is the theme; imagine a magical Nara land with bubbles and chimes and lights. I've been buying party bag bits and goodies already, and of course just today ordered his cake. It is going to be amazing, I can't believe almost a year has gone by since those last terrifying weeks of his pregnancy and those precious first cries in theatre.  But for now he is 10 months old and beautiful! 

Well, I jinxed it! By saying what a wonderful sleeper our Alexander had become last month we've had many an unsettled night since!  After disturbing his routine for a week on holiday we paid for it for a week afterwards on returning home. Up and down to him all nights, spending hours cuddling in the dark rocking him back off to sleep; only for him to wake up again as soon as he was put down! One night in particular we were up nearly every hour; it was like he was a newborn again! Although to be fair he has had lots of developmental bursts recently and now has lots of new skills, so we could put the disturbed nights down to that! 

Xander is really playing with his toys now. I love watching him play and explore. Everything is just a whole world of discovery for him! He doesn't just grab and shake his toys now, but he really studies them. He finds the buttons to poke and push, things to spin and spin and spin. He loves anything that spins! He loves the remote controls, launching himself across the sofa to grab them. He loves tower building with me; watching me count them up and then getting excited about knocking them back down again. He loves his whiz whiz catch the car game we bought him for his half birthday. He watches me put the car on the ramp and then launches himself at the spinning bowl to try and catch the car. Then he catches the car and puts it straight back in the bowl to have a go at catching it again! He loves the front off his new vtech baby walker too! 

This month Alexander has started to 'high 5' when asked to, he has started to wave occasionally, he has pulled himself up to sitting once (fluke?, and always wanting to pull himself to standing and will use you to do so at every opportunity! He still absolutely loves being able to stand up, and is so close to being able to use the sofa to get up; what he needs is a bar he can wrap his little hand around for leverage. He has pulled himself to standing from sitting in his cot a few times now. He is a boy desperate to be on those feet!   

This month baby boy has proved he can crawl; he just blatantly chooses not too. He just mostly cannot be bothered with the effort of crawling when rolling (or pushing with he feet and sliding across the floor on his back!) does the job quicker! What Xander has learnt to do this month is take a few steps holding our hands and he is so excited by it! Still trying to get some decent video of him doing it to to show the world. He has his first little Clarks shoes now ready for this cruising business! He is fascinated by his shoes too! In fact he is just fascinated by his feet; he is looking at them a lot at the moment; especially if he has socks or shoes on them! 

Its amazing really, for all my fretting about his lack of desire to move over this last month or so and worrying he is 'behind',  it now seems he is emerging into a whole new world!  I wonder how far along he will be on his cruising/walking journey by our next update? 

I really am so proud of him I could burst. Quite often these last few weeks I've found myself looking at him and feeling overcome with emotion. Not quite believing that I made him! My boy. 

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