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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nine Month Little Man

This update is becoming long overdue; Alexander is already nearing 10 months old and I haven't yet written about his ninth month! We've been so busy with being back in work, weddings and a week or so on holiday that I haven't had chance to write it.

But yes, Alexander is 9 months (plus!) old!

Our bright, beautiful, happy little boy is becoming just that. A little boy. If it possible to fall more in love with him all of the time then we're doing just that! We adore his company; he is such fun to be around. Still the preciousness of each day is not lost on me.I love being his Mummy.

Well after wondering if Alexander was always going to be a gummy bear he finally has some little teeth. At 9 months and two days his first little tooth popped through, a week later followed by his second one! Even after a few weeks I still can't get used to seeing him with toothpegs!   As I predicted now he has teeth I am becoming a little more relaxed about him finger feeding; he is getting quite good at managing toast and baby organix snacks now. Now how do I move him on to other foods? I can't see him being on only family meals by his birthday at this rate!

The biggest thing to happen just before Xander turned 9 months was me going back to work. I felt surprisingly ok about it. We had already had 'taster' days with my time back in uni so I felt ok about leaving him with Mum. I'm already finding when I'm in work I'm so busy I've only really got time to have my work hat on!  The days have been passing by in a flash and then we're home again. Alexander seems to be having a great time with his grandparents too; although he does spend the evening 'telling me off' as it were and being particularly grumpy as if to say 'how dare you keep disappearing Mama'.  

My biggest concern about being back in work is everything I'm potentially going to miss; all those big firsts he could do while I'm away now. I know that has been Jon's situation from day one but I'm struggling to find my peace with it. I will have to reconcile that when I do see something for the first time that he's already done with someone else that it will still be our first; and no-one can praise him quite like Mummy! 

I'm back home on summer break now so easing myself into working gently and no missing anything worries for a while! I wonder if I'll still feel this way in September when I'm back in work 'for real' and half term is a lot longer off? Not to mention Alexander starting nursery on Fridays. That will be a whole different ball game. 

I'm hopeful he is going to enjoy it though as he really enjoys playing watching, playing next to and trying to interact with other little people.  Time will tell I guess. He is forever watching other people, or Fiz, and laughing at what they are doing. Alexander takes such pleasure from the world around him.   

He really does have such a funny little personality now. The absolute definition of cheeky!  He can be so coy.  He has this little routine of grinning and people, burying his head in mine or Jon's chest and then peeking out with a cheeky grin to check people are looking at him!  Alexander has a laugh to make your heart melt too - infectious little giggle.

I don't want to jinx it by saying this (after all, I hear much about a nine month sleep regression period on the horizon!), but Alexander has been sleeping through now for a good month to six weeks.  He dropped his late bottle by himself at around 8 and half months and settled into his going to bed around 6pm and getting up around 6.30am routine. It really does feel a world away now from those early days with the two hourly wake ups! 

On the crawling front Alexander is making slow progress. He is able to pull himself up to hands and knees and rock but is showing little motivation on actually moving forward. The dreaded dummy is about the only thing that gives him the push to make a half hearted attempt at pulling himself forward. I'm positive he could commando crawl well now if he could be bothered. I think it is just that; not too bothered - he is quite happy lying and rolling around!   I know people will tell me I'm crazy for saying this, but I hope he does start crawling soon; before I'm away from him for 3 days a week again and likely to miss it and because it will just be too cute! 

Alexander is much more interested in trying to get from sitting to standing. If he is sitting and we are nearby; whether it be on our laps, or sat on the floor next to us he is grabbing and pulling with his arms and pushing his feet in an attempt to get up. He still loves being stood up and being able to look around. Maybe he is going to be more interested in walking than he has been thus far in crawling? 

We'll just have to wait and see won't we! 

I'll be honest, I do worry sometimes now that our decision to have Alexander early has left him with a delay in these developmental milestones; especially when I hear of other babies a similar age doing far far more than he is and then meet babies that are already walking independently at 9 months when our 9 month old hasn't grasped crawling yet! I know realistically it is impossible to compare babies and I shouldn't but I just hope we haven't hampered his development or future achievements with my pregnancy meltdown.  Hoping for a bit of reassurance from the health visitor at his upcoming 9-12 month review! 

She is going to tell me everything is just fine, yes?! 

Three Quarters of a Year Old 


Anonymous said...

Caz, he is fine! When they are born early, you are supposed to date their development from the due date, not from the birth date so knock off a month for a start!
But even at that, the guidelines they give you are just averages, some babies will be early, some late, most will be normal.My fourth son, didn't crawl till almost a year, didn't walk till 20 months but is more co-ordinated now at four than his brothers were.
X is truly a beautiful, smiley gorgeous baby!
chip xx

Susan said...

Gosh - don't be daft - he is a beautiful baby boy who is developing just perfectly!!

He wasn't born early. At 37 weeks he wouldn't be considered premature, and he met all his initial milestones (such as latching on, breathing independently etc) which indicates there were no issues with prematurity.

Babies are just very different that's all - there aren't really milestones as such... more ball parks. You'll also find that babies that crawl early etc won't necessarily make other milestones early. And as Chip says, when they do things has no impact on how competent they'll become later. It's not like on the long distance runners were up walking at 9 months, ok?

Enjoy your little boy, and please don't beat yourself up about your birth decision. My concern about your birth would be that it was really horrendous for you - and in future pregnancies, you might want to think about other ways of supporting you at the end of the pg so that you can have a natural labour. But certainly your choices didn't impact on Zander.

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