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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Boy Small @ Two and a Half

Our Small one is two and a half.

And he really is still our Small! At two and a half Zachary is the same height and the same weight that Alexander was at 18 months - a whole year of difference! Alexander never felt big; but it is getting pretty clear that Zachary has picked up a whole lot of Villars genes from my side when it comes to growth! So at two and a half he is still more than comfortable in 18-24 months clothes, some are even a touch on the big side on him! Currently I'm hoping he has a growth spurt into 2-3 clothes before January at least, so I can find some school uniform that doesn't look too ridiculously enormous on him!

Yes, come January, after his birthday, this Small boy, who still seems far far too little, will be start Nursery in school as a rising 3 and the application form process will soon be upon us. How quickly it all seems to be coming around. But Zachary is a little boy who loves his Wednesday's in private nursery and playing with his friends there, and would quite happily already follow Alexander into school each morning at drop off if he could and so I think he will thrive in school just as his brother has done. 

Zachary is as cheeky and wonderful as he ever has been. He is the absolute definition of cute and certainly knows how to get you on side with a quick flash of those eyes, a smile or a giggle. Definitely a charmer in the making!  The other side of him is decidedly feisty and determined, he cannot be persuaded from his plan of action and he has certainly been giving us a fresh experience of the 'terrible twos' - absolutely reminding us that no two children are the same!

My beautiful happy boy, you are already two and a half. 

Although sometimes I forget how quickly you are growing up, and forget you are not really my Small baby anymore when you are most definitely 'the baby' to me. You have no idea how suddenly big you will feel in just a few weeks when your new baby brother arrives. I'm so aware you have no idea what a massive change is just so hopefully around the corner now.  I'm treasuring these last few weeks where we get the mornings to ourselves, soaking you as my baby up. 

You know there is 'Baby Luc' in my tummy, but mostly that means so little to you doesn't it? You cannot really comprehend that it is a baby that is hopefully coming to live with us soon. I'm so anxious how you will adjust to a new baby when you're used to being the smallest in our family.  But I also know how anxious I felt for the change for Alexander when it was his turn for you to arrive, and I know how much you both love being brothers. Lucas will only add to this beautiful mix of boys.  I've so enjoyed you being my Small, and the baby. And you will still always be my Small, Xander will still be my Big and Lucas will be my Little. But even though you will still be Small I know so suddenly you'll feel so big too!  

Talking of brothers, you are Xander have a beautiful bedtime ritual at the moment. The must be done thing every night. After story time in Mummy and Daddy's bed you both run into your room and you laugh in delight as you climb into the 'wrong bed' - both of your snuggle down in Xander's bed, arms wrapped around each other and squeezing each other a big goodnight. Then you wait to be told and asked 'Oh Zachy, you're in the wrong bed, where do you sleep?' And you laugh and point and say 'my cot'.  It has become such a lovely part of bedtime routine. What beautiful brothers you are.   Although I think we're going to have trouble when your bedroom is transformed into a big boy room in the coming months; I predict finding you snuggled in with Xander on his top bunk most nights when we go to bed! 

I know your pet-name is Small, but at two and a half you really are still quite tiny! You're only around 86cm tall and weighing in at 26lb. 

Your favourite things are your shoes, and Xander's shoes, stories, stickers and colouring, going to the park, playing in the garden and most notably anything Elsa and Frozen! 

My goodness you really are Elsa obsessed at the moment. As soon as we're in the car you are asking me to put on 'Elsa songs Mummy' - you love the soundtrack, you're nearly singing along to all the words, with some pretty dynamic waving of your arms in accompaniment! Its is gorgeous to watch and no sooner has one of your favourite songs finished (Let It Go, or First Time in Forever) you're saying 'again, again'.  You love Elsa so much that we bought you a little soft Elsa doll for your half birthday which has pretty much travelled everywhere with us since! 

You are so active and busy. You love being outside and you love to run, bounce, leap and climb.  Boinging (as you call it) on the bed is a favourite getting ready for bed activity. No longer content with having a ride in the buggy, and refusing to be contained unless you're tired (or bribed! haha), you're starting to want to walk more and more when we're out and about now, although you cannot be trusted not to wander and need a close eye at all times. You seem to have a real sense of adventure, no fear at all and so desperate to be as big as your big brother. I'm sure you're going to give me my first grey hairs my boy!  

But equally you can still be fairly lazy when you want to be! You love to have a cuddled and be carried too. Which means in my current pregnant state a buggy is still a necessary item to take out with us because I cannot carry you that far anymore. (It does mean you recently got yourself a lovely new bright yellow light-weight stroller though as I was struggling with the pram in and out of the boot.) I hope you realise you'll have to transition to a buggy board soon!  I'm sure you'll find it a great novelty. 

You love putting your shoes on and are especially proud of your new 'star shoes' (Clarks Doddles with lolipops on the top and a star print on the soles) at the moment. You love them - as soon as you tried them on in the shop you were sold and wouldn't entertain looking at any other style or design. Just one of the examples of you having such clear ideas of your own and exerting yourself. I think one day you may be manager material! Still every day you are excited about putting your shoes on. Welly boots are another treat! You put Xander's shoes on nearly every day too, and even try walking around the house in mine or Daddy's too!

You've had a massive burst in your speech and vocabulary these last few months.  Which has only helped to make you even more cheeky! Go away, shush, don't like it and it's stinky all now feature in your ever expanding language! 

You know all of your colours now. It took a while; for a long time absolutely everything was 'blue' - but then all of a sudden I realised you were making observations about what you could see around you and telling me what colours you could see. Now you name each colour without a thought. 

You're developing more and more interest in numbers now and love to mimic counting, often counting during your play. You can just about count to 10 now, and understand about pointing to each object as you count - sometimes you forget a number or get muddled around five - but with a tiny prompt you are back on track. You love bedtime stories where you get to count; Ten terrible dinosaurs has been a favourite pick recently!  You know what a number looks like, and what a letter looks like. You can find number 2 and number 8 but you don't know any of your letter sounds just yet. I think this will be your next area for a burst of development very soon. 

I'm totally adoring your toddler time and the gorgeous little boy you are.  You are our absolute delight and you light up all of our days baby Small. 

We love you more than you know, always. 


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