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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lucas Elias Morgan

The day before you were born. 
Last Tuesday we arrived at the hospital not knowing if Lucas was actually going to be born on that day at all anymore. Pre-Op on the Monday revealed that there wasn’t a SCBU bed currently available and that without one my c-section wouldn’t be able to go ahead, just in case a 36 week grown Luc needed a little more support. But bed situations can change quickly and we were told to come in at 7.30am Tuesday morning anyway. So we did, already nil-by-mouth (on the hottest day of the year so far!) not knowing if it was really going to be the day after all. 

It was a long day. But luck was in and at 11.30am we were told a baby was being discharged on SCBU and a bed would be available for Lucas at around 1.00pm so we would be taken to theatre at around 1.30pm.  Then the wait got longer as an emergency needed my slot. But finally, at 4.00pm we made it into theatre and Little’s journey into the world began. The operation was smooth, and unlike last time blood loss was normal and no drain or pressure bandages were needed to control the situation. Phew!

A few hours after you were born.

You at exactly a week old, to the minute!

Fast forward a week and our new Little is already over a week old. 9 days old today. Time seems to speed by faster and faster with each baby I’ve had. Apart from currently being back in hospital (I came over very poorly Tuesday afternoon and was readmitted with probable infection, but feeling much better now after antibiotics and will be home again later today…), it has been a wonderful week; meeting our tiny little boy and getting to know him.

He is absolute perfection and we were totally besotted from the moment we laid eyes on him. Isn’t it remarkable how much hearts can grow with each baby that joins the family?! A family now bursting with rainbows, I feel so lucky to have these three beautiful boys, my boys, and brand new Lucas has definitely stolen the hearts of his Mummy, Daddy and big brothers. I’ve been so proud of Big and Small. Both of them have been so loving and gentle, so interested in their new baby brother. Both of them wanting to hold him whenever they get the opportunity.

Three Little Rainbows
Xander has so naturally cradled him in his arms on the sofa, watching TV and gently caring and stroking his head while he’s held him. He is so proud to be the biggest boy and able to look after his baby brother.

Zac loves that Luc is ‘tickling him’ while he’s holding him – Luc’s little arms waving around and catching Zac in the face, and making him laugh. Zac has been less impressed with Luc’s cries though – telling me he doesn’t like it.

And it is still hard to believe this little baby is the last that will be mine. Already I want time to slow down, just a little. So I can savour every moment of my last new-born days. Oh Little Lucas. How you will be spoiled. My baby.

Lucas Elias Morgan, you were born on Tuesday 19th July 2016, at 16.32, weighing a surprising 7lb 6oz (initially anyway…) and 50cm long. The shortest and smallest of all of you boys!

Only seconds old!

You made a very beautiful and noisy arrival, shouting and crying instantly and keeping it going far longer than I remember your brother’s crying after birth. You cried all the way through your check over with the baby doctor and didn’t really calm down until you were wrapped up and back in my arms. You didn’t need that SCBU bed they were reserving for you, just in case. You were just perfect and fine and wonderful.

We spent a few days in hospital, giving Mummy the chance to recover from the big operation, you a few days to adjust to the world and us both the chance to learn how to feed together. Then on Friday 22nd we were ready, and Daddy, Xander and Zac all came to collect us from the hospital so we could take all of our rainbow babies home together.

Going home with all of ours Rainbows

Unfortunately, you lost a lot of weight in those first few days, almost 12% and over the ‘acceptable’ loss limit. Meaning we were flagged straight away for extra midwife visits. But we were still waiting for my milk to be properly in (which always has come in later than most) and play catch up, but you haven’t gained really again since. So at just over a week old you are a tiny little 6lb 9oz.

At the moment no-one can really explain why you are not picking up the weight. It is probable that your 7lb 6oz was slightly artificially high in the first place and you haven’t really lost as much as it looks; Mummy was on a drip for a lot of the day waiting to be taken to theatre with you and apparently it is surprising how much of the fluid passes through to baby in a short space of time, making you puffy and ounces heavier than you might’ve been that day otherwise.  

Your latch and attachment have been checked and are good, my milk supply has been checked and is plentiful. All your cues and signs are spot on – you are alert and active, bright eyed, lovely tone. You are flying through wet and dirty nappies. You are well and happy, waking yourself two-three hourly to be fed. There is nothing to suggest there is a problem. On the whole you are breastfeeding well and it is a mystery why you’ve not gained when I’m being told we’re doing everything right. Its so frustrating, and a bit disheartening, and daily weigh-ins are becoming a little bit stressful.

 It could be because you are slightly premature and need a bit longer to catch up and get over this blip. But at the moment you’re being topped up with 10ml of expressed milk after a feed. Which you hate, and don’t want. But it is in effort for you to start a little weight gain.  Maybe you will just naturally be a slow gainer.

At a week old you are wearing early baby up to 7lb size clothes comfortably, even quite roomy. You feel so small when your brothers went straight into newborn up to 10lb clothes! Although I expect as soon as you start gaining you will jump straight into the next size!

At a week old your favourite things are milk, Mummy and cuddles. You love to be tucked into my top and sleep right against my chest.  So far you have made it pretty clear you are less than impressed with nappy changes and absolutely hate the idea of a bath! We think you’re going to be a thumb-sucker – already we’ve caught you sucking away lots of times and your little hands are always up by your face; just like they were in nearly all of my scans.

Night-times have been variable, but more or less the expected kind of nights from a newborn. You’re currently averaging around three get-me-ups between 11pm and 6am (and there have been more too!) Not totally terrible at all, but I do feel pretty exhausted after a week now! The trickiest part is settling you back into your Moses after a feed. I’ll admit many a time there has been Mummy giving up on the idea and letting you sleep where you feel safe and reassured instead.  

In those first few hours with you I kept seeing all of your siblings in you. Different looks, different angles and flashes of all of your siblings are in you. You have such delicate small features baby boy. I’m biased of course but you beautiful. Such a pretty baby. You do indeed look very much like Zachy especially out of your brothers when he was born. But even more so, you look like Belle. You look more like Belle than either Xander or Zachy did.  Others have said the same to me. It has been quite breath-taking at times, and incredibly emotional at others. You’ll learn lots about your big sister as you grow.

You are our third rainbow baby, Lucas, I know we pushed our luck to have you and you’re here safe and sound and I couldn’t be more grateful. You’re so incredibly precious, and perfect and Mummy couldn’t be more in love with you.

My darling tiny boy. You’ve completed our rainbow family.



Life, Loss and Little Things said...

Oh this is lovely news, congratulations to you on your gorgeous boy!! So pleased he arrived safely and you have your three perfect rainbows at home. Anabelle would be so proud of her little brothers.

Our rainbow arrived this Tuesday- we have just arrived home with her after recovering from the c section (thankfully we got an early slot and it was a quiet day, so we didn't endure the wait you had - must have been hard being so patient!). as you know, she is my first rainbow, and it is a most wonderful feeling, though bittersweet. Thinking of you and your four darlings xxx

Caz said...

Aww thank you! And huge congratulations to you too! Just a week apart! I remember well the conflicting feelings and bittersweet reminders well after bringing our first rainbow home. Enjoy her :) xx

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