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Monday, 24 April 2017

Lucas @ Nine Months

Where did that month go?! Our Little is now nine months old. I cannot believe it. Within the coming weeks I'll have to start planning his first birthday; booking halls and activities and speaking to Pastor about a Dedication service at church. It all seems far too soon and coming all too quickly! It really will be July before we know it.   

Another thing coming too quickly now is my return to work. I feel far from ready to leave this baby for long days without me. Little Lucas who still feeds at least twice in the day, who looks to me for comfort and settling for his nap.  Ach, I know he will be fine and he'll soon enough settle without me. I know I felt similarly with his big brothers, but somehow, it feels all the worse this time. Maybe because he is my youngest and because this is the end of my last maternity leave. I'm now stuck in work for the next 35+ years! 

Beautiful baby boy. You are nine months old. 

Nine months old and you are commando crawling, sitting up tall and strong, super ticklish and babbling. 'The Worm' motion is picking up speed, and although you push up to your knees and rock on all fours, to move you drop back down on your tummy and pull yourself along with your arms. All of a sudden you are no longer a wobbling weeble sat up! You sit for ages now, reliably and balanced and you love it, so proud of yourself that you're able to sit and play. And my what a chatterbox you are becoming! You love a little conversation; talking back and forth with me, squeaking and shouting with all of yours uh, buh, duh, muh, brr and a whole repertoire of other noises and sounds! You are a little ball of delight. 

You have learnt to High 5 and so this is now one of your brothers favourite games to play with you. Everyone screeching and cheering in delight each time you match up your hands to their hands. Xander and Zac are still so thrilled by you, thrilled every time you do something new with them and learn to play that little bit more. 

My favourite things this month is you learning "Up" and "Kisses for Mummy". Now when you hear "Up" and see me coming you lift both of those arms up so high ready to be picked up, so excited. Oh and my favourite game "Kisses for Mummy" - I request kisses for Mummy and you lean in opened mouth to give me a big smacker. You love kisses and then the coos that follow. Heart swell. 

Your favourite things right now are your linky rings, your green puppy toy that says your name, your brothers, your Bampi and Mummy and Daddy's iPhones. You are like a little moth to a flame when you see a phone; oh just like your brothers! The TV is becoming more on your radar and I think your favourite programme is Mr Tumble! Tellytubbies and Twirlywoos seem to catch your attention too. 

At nine months you are 18lb 3oz and 71cm long. You are a Little Little, and the smallest of the three boys by a long way at this age now. You've lost a few ounces since your last weigh in which the health visitor was twitchy about, but I wasn't entirely surprised - what with all your busy busy moving now.  I guess you'll start gaining soon enough or your weight will plateau now like Zachy did - Zac has been very slow to gain weight since he was eight months old and I have a feeling you are like him! (The ongoing poor sleep like him included.... we'll skip by the long wakeful nights you like to throw in here and there... but we average three gets up at the moment...) 

My baby Little. Our maternity leave together has gone far too fast, I've loved all of our days and having you my little baby. I wish so much I could be a stay-at-home-Mummy until you are so so much bigger. I'm going to be so sad to leave you are nursery on Wednesday, even for your four hour last settling in session tomorrow; nervous that you'll refuse your bottle and go all the day without milk, nervous that you won't sleep for them, nervous that you'll need me and I won't be there. I think I'm going to be suffering separation anxiety as much as you! But I know eventually you'll be fine and you'll love nursery just as your brothers did there too. They'll do so many special and fun things with you! And you'll love your two days a week with Nana and Bampi even better! 

Beautiful baby boy. We adore you and we can't believe how quickly you are growing up. 


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