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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Xander Big @ Five Plus Half

Can you believe this little boy is now the grand old age of five and a half?! Five and a half and full of attitude! Becoming ever more self-assured and confident, questioning everything, having an answer for everything. 

It has been a full on six months of growing and learning, exploring and discovery, celebrations and fun.  First school discos, frightening us with another febrile convulsion, a new top bunk bed, first time ice-skating, another Christmas, lots of dressing up for school, a holiday, a swimming badge, trips and baking, parties and playing. 

Having a five year old is pretty exhausting! Another year flying by far too quickly.

Dearest Xander.  I have been meaning to write this update for weeks already, but at the moment your baby brother has forgotten that he should be in bed by 7.00pm latest and so I've had little time with arms free in the evening to type.

You are growing up quicker than ever. At five and a half you are 107.5cm tall and weigh 41lbs. Mummy can still just about lift you up if you do a little jump to help me!  I'm desperate for you not to outgrow my arms anytime soon and it seems you are in no rush to out grow just yet either - so frequently you ask to be carried to the car, or in from the car, or upstairs to bed, or from our bed into your own bed. So Big but part of you still wants to be reassured you are still our baby too. 

Six months ago you had barely started Reception, but now the end of the school year is in sight. You're well into the routine of school and loving every minute! You're having a fabulous year with a fabulous enthusiastic teacher; coming on leaps and bounds in all areas , being taught to believe in yourself and that you can do anything and well on the way to achieving the Outcome 4 predicted for you by school year end. You are so bright and at the moment schooling is coming very easily for you.  

I've loved joining in your learning with you - doing homework with you, reading your home school reading book with you and visiting the school to join in with your family Thursdays.  The absolute worst bit about being back in work now is all the school time I'm now missing out on for you and Zachy, but I suppose Daddy is getting a turn to join in!  Last week you and Daddy had a Teddy's Bears Picnic at school, you were so excited to take in your special rainbow bear and enjoyed Daddy coming in to spend time with you at school. 

Talking about learning, you've made such massive improvement in your swimming lessons these last few months. It feels like something has just clicked recently and you're beginning to find it all that slightly bit easier. You're definitely not a natural swimmer but you try so so hard. Trying hard has paid off as well because you passed Wave 1 just before Easter and moved to the Wave 2 class. You couldn't be more chuffed and we couldn't be prouder of you for trying your best and persevering. 

What you are a natural at though, is being a big brother! You are just marvellous helping to look after Lucas; noticing when he needs something to play with, or someone to play with, answering his noises with the same noises and talking to him in baby speak. You are always trying to make him laugh and are so super helpful at keeping an eye on him for a moment for me - making sure he doesn't roll off the bed, or getting nappies for me. In return Luc absolutely adores you! You and Zachary continue to be thick as thieves or falling out. I love watching you play together, making up little games. Zachy looks up to you so much and is so desperate to be as big as you are! 

You are still obsessed with ages and frequently mention your next party and birthday - although not at frequently as you did on your 4th birthday when you were waiting for your 5th! Haha! You often ask how old everyone else is too now and asking questions like when I am such and such age how old will Zachy or Luc be.  

You're always asking about when you are the same age as Daddy; will you be allowed a motorbike, will you work in Daddy's office, will you be able to go in a rocket - it goes on and on. At five and a half Daddy is your hero, just the way it should be. You want to do all the things Daddy does when you are grown up! 

Your favourite things are little Lego, the iPad and superheroes. Your detail when your creating something with your Lego is just fantastic; little cars with boosters, planes with whooshers, seats that spin. You have a vision with Lego that escapes even Daddy! The iPad may be one of your favourite things but it doesn't always bring out the best in you! We've restricted the iPad to weekend afternoons only because of how stroppy and and unreasonable you can become if you spend too much time on it! It always amazes us your love of superheroes, considering the only superhero related film or cartoon you've seen are the Lego Batman movie! Your favourite superhero though is Spiderman, of course, just like Daddy.  So for your half birthday you got a Spiderman smasher, and very pleased about it you were too. 

At the moment your hearing is being investigated. Back in November you failed your first school starters hearing screen. To be honest this wasn't a surprise to us as we'd had concerns on and off for a long time. This time last year we even started the process of having your hearing tested; but before the GP would make the referral we had to clear your ears of wax and by the time we had done that your baby brother was due to arrive imminently and unfortunately the referral wasn't chased up. I'm sorry we didn't start this process sooner and "forgot" about you in the late pregnancy new baby chaos! 

After failing your first screen it was followed up by a second hearing screen, which you failed too. Since then we waited 12 weeks for a full hearing test at the clinic - which identified that you have Glue Ear, with a mild hearing loss on your left side and a more of a hearing loss on your right. Now we have to wait for your second hearing test at the end of this month, then if you fail that test as well (because there needs to be two full hearing tests before a treatment plan, which we and the audiologist think you will based on the length of time we've had our concerns) then a hearing aid(s) will be prescribed as a temporary measure until you grow out of your Glue Ear, which should be by around the age of eight.  If we end up going down that route it will be such a big thing to get used to for you, and for us. Watch this space. 

Ah beautiful boy. You are still our inquisitive questioner. Everything is what or why or where? How do things work? What does things mean? You are so full of imagination and still soaking everything up that you possibly can. You are going to go far, we're absolutely sure of it! 

Time absolutely needs to slow down now because we're looking at six, and that just sounds far too Big for my liking!

Keep loving life our precious boy. 
We love you, forever and always. Mummy and Daddy xXx  


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