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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Lucas @ Ten Months

Oh where do I even start? As I sit here in disbelief again that ANOTHER month has already passed us by! This is it, the double figure month, where the big birthday starts to feel so imminent!

I keep thinking back to this time last year; massively pregnant, with the onset of some pretty severe pelvic girdle pain, finishing work because of the pain and the third trimester risk of rupture. This time last year the weeks to Lucas's birth felt long and fearful, now here we are appraching his first birthday quicker than ever and I know by comparison the weeks are going to fly!

We have a truly beautiful ten month old boy!

Ah baby Lucas! Look at you grow! You are ten months old now and getting cheekier and more adventurous by the day. You want to be where everyone else is, so you follow us around now, taking yourself all around downstairs. We are going to have to put the stair-gate back up before long before you get even more adventurous! 

You are absolutely desperate to figure out how to get into the the playroom with your big brothers so you can play with them. You love nothing more than when Xander and Zachy make funny noises, dancing for you or playing with your toys with you. You save your best shrieks of excited laughter for your brothers - you are going to have so much fun when you can move along with them properly! 

This month you started Nursery and Mummy started back to work. Although you have been absolutely happy being left, no tears saying goodbye and had lovely days in Nursery as well as with Nana and Bampi, separation hasn't come easily. Your bedtimes and sleep have suffered. Oh the evenings have been hard going recently; reacting to me leaving you for half the week by suddenly being unable to settle in the evening, no longer willing to be left in your bedroom or go to sleep for hours after you should be. It was exhausting battling with you, so to be honest we stopped, and just accepted you were downstairs with us like your newborn days again! You were too busy making sure I was staying home to sleep. The last week things have started to improve again and a normal bedtime has been reinstated for the most part. Now if we could only crack sleeping through the night....! 

At ten months old you still only have two teeth - although the next two have been threatening their presence for a few weeks now. I can't believe they haven't cut yet, I'm sure it won't be long - maybe that will help your sleep?! We can hope.  

You weigh 18lb 7oz; putting back on the few ounces you lost last month. You are still in a big chunk of your 6-9 months clothes, although for length you have started to wear your 9-12 month wardrobe too - it is incredibly roomy on you however, and if you were a walker it would all be falling down! You are a little Little. The smallest of the three boys by a number of pounds at this age now! 

Your favourite things this month are singing Row Row Your Boat (you row yourself back and fore independently now!), books and your eggs; as well as an obsession with the remote control and everyones shoes! You are becoming a determined little thing when you have your sights set on something you want, hiding something no longer works and you continue to search for whatever it is even when its been put away. That's object permanence as a skill we can tick off then! 

Talking of skills, we've started baby swimming lessons again now I'm back in work which has been just lovely. More on the skill front; this month you have learnt to sit yourself up from lying down, and last week, on the day you turned ten months exactly, you started to pull yourself up to standing too! You still crawl like a worm although incredibly speedily as a commando crawl now and I'm beginning to wonder if you will progress to crawl 'properly' at all?! 

And now we're looking full steam ahead into another month.  Time is going far. too. quickly! With less than two months to go now, we've started planning your Dedication and your first birthday. Its all booked, your church service, the hall for the party, deposits paid on the bouncy castle, soft play and cake, potential Dedication day outfits purchased. Oh it will be a spectacular special day for you baby boy. The perfect celebration for our perfect baby boy! 

We're so lucky to have you Lucas, you bring so much happiness to everyone in this family and we love you so very much. 

Have a fabulous month being ten months old! 
All the hearts beautiful baby <3 xXx 


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