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Monday, 26 June 2017

Lucas @ Eleven Months

Eleven months old. Merely weeks away from his first birthday.  

So naturally I'm reminiscing again about this time last year, being enormously pregnant, suffering PGP, multiple hospital visits a week; just counting down those days to my planned section. Swinging between willing them to pass quickly but wanting to savor every day as much as possible, those last few weeks of my last ever pregnancy. 

I've no idea where all that time has gone or where my tiny little baby has gone! How can he possibly be nearly one?! I'm so not ready for my baby to be a one year old. 

Darling Little Lucas.  You are eleven months old and 19lb exactly. You're mostly in 9-12 clothes now but still wearing the odd 6-9 month top. It has been a whizz by of a month with you seeming more and more like a little boy, rather than a baby. You are becoming 'one of the boys'! Starting to get stuck in with your brothers, joining in when they're wrestling on the bed with Daddy and just so obviously desperate to be in the mix with them too. You pull at them now, wanting to look at what they are looking at and reach for the things that they have got.   Zachy isn't overly keen on this new found 'show me show me' lark and has already squealed a few times that Baby Luc is trying to take something off him. You are becoming known as the pesky baby! 

You started the month with still only two teeth but you've ended it with four, with another two bulging in your gums ready to come through. I wonder if you'll have six by your birthday?   Dare I say it, I think sleep has been a little bit better since those two teeth popped through. There are still some really tough going nights but on the whole you've been sneaking into my bed later into the night than you were. I think the bottle you have with Daddy around 11.00pm routinely now is helping too.  You can tell you were a Summer baby and born on the hottest day of 2016; the little heat wave we had last week saw the best nights sleep in a very long time!  We're still a long way off sleeping 12 hours in a row though aren't we baby! 

You've mastered pulling to stand good and properly now. You are quick to get to your feet anywhere and everywhere and even taking the odd sneaky side step here and there; so is it cruising we're looking out for before you are twelve months?!  

Guess what! You have started to crawl on your knees! I can't believe it, after three months of worm crawling you decided, on the day you turned 11 months old, to finally give knee crawling a proper go! You're not doing it all the time, and still more often than not drop to your tummy and worm it, but you are a wibbly wobbly knee crawler too now! It is the cutest! 

This month you have suddenly started to eat different foods - you can cope with a rough mashed plate now and you've cracked your fine motor for picking up little things and so there has been lots of exploring with finger foods. Your absolute favourite is strawberries and you can demolish a bowl in no time at all! Haha!  It has made meal-times that little bit easier, now you are able to fend for yourself a little bit with a plate of finger food. 

Your favourite toys this month have been the big red wooden truck with the colourful bricks (that used to be your big brother Xander's) and our mobile phones. Eleven months old and already a tech obsession. Father's son much?! 

You like sand more than Daddy though. We took you for your first seaside day out at the weekend and you had lots of fun! Unlike both your brothers, who before they were one weren't very keen on the sand or sea at all. You were covered in sand, from head to toe, enjoyed eating it, crawling in it, rolling in it, patting it; and just when I was expecting you to cry because I'd sat you in the sea (it was fairly warm to be fair), you instead starting splashing and gurgling at it! Then when I got you changed into dry and clean clothes you couldn't wait to get back out onto the sand again for another go! Haha! Such lovely memories made at Barry Island! 

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe there are just three weeks until your very first birthday. We have so much planned baby boy and we're going to make it super special for you. I had better order your present hadn't I! Don't be growing too quickly these next few weeks to be a Big One will you! 

Could not be more in-love with you precious boy, my baby.


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