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Monday, 14 August 2017

Six Weeks of Summer Week 2: Pirates

Oh dear. I'm already now two weeks behind with my summer blogging. Between holiday preparation the one Sunday, and holiday return the next, and baby refusing bedtimes as well pen did not hit paper, so to speak. 

Can you believe we're already into Week 4 of the holidays? Urgh. Its going far too quickly and I don't want it to end!  

So Week 2 was Pirate Week with a mini-holiday thrown in too! 

Monday we kicked off with some pirate dancing to pirate music (Pirates of the Caribbean theme), with lots of "oo-argh's" thrown in! We created (larger than) life-size Pirates of the boys. They thought it was pretty cool lying down and having me draw around them, and then used crayons to decorate their pirate costumes; even baby Lucas joined in and led still! The pirate boys are now decorating the fridge and playroom doors! 

Zachary especially enjoyed dressing up  in his Pirate costume and playing with his Pirate Happyland.  He spent a good hour playing pirates and fairies. Of course the Pirate ship needed a Princess and a Tinkerbell! 

Tuesday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary and we spent it dressed up as Pirates and treasure hunting around Abergavenny! The Treasure Trails company do some fab trails around and about all over the UK and we've done a good number of them now. They're an in-expensive way to explore different towns and learn things about an area you may have not known before too! (Caerleon has probably been my favourite one so far, which we did on our anniversary three years ago - treasure hunting must be an anniversary thing! Haha!) Of course, the boys favourite part of treasure hunting is finding the chocolate we sneakily hide for them on the last clue! 

Wednesday I took the boys away for a mini-break at my old uni house, staying with my old room-mate! My friend still owns the house and as it was empty she suggested we use it for a holiday. It was fun! We explored all around the uni grounds and showed the children where we had lived on campus and where we went to very very big school. Xander couldn't really get his head around that he didn't exist at all when I lived there, 'not even in your tummy?' or that I had lived so far away from our home now!   

We even managed to get a few pirate themed activities in away! Wednesday night we went to Tenby beach and the children had a blast running around like maniacs on the beach. Alexander started his beach treasure collection with his shells, by the time he had collected off Tenby sand and then again at Llansteffan I think we bought at least 100 back with us!    

Thursday we visited the National Botanical Garden. And as well as all the gardens, plants, enormous glass dome to walk (and crawl for Lucas) around, butterfly house, hay maze there was also a children's play area with a wooden ship! That of course became the Pirate Ship and Xander thought it was great fun 'crawling along the plank' 

Friday we were back at the beach again. This time Llansteffan, still treasure hunting, but this time the children were digging at "X marks the spot" to discover their beach treasures. And Zachy found another pirate boat to play on! 

We've read lots of piratey bedtime stories with the favourite ones being Pirate Rhymes and Ten Little Pirates. We've watched Peter Pan and Tinkerbell movies although Tinkerbell's own movie had nothing to do with pirates at all we discovered; the boys enjoyed it anyway and it was still a tenuous link!

I feel we could've packed a lot more into Pirate week, and I definitely over-planned again. But we all had fun which rolled into holiday week... (and now we're already into Beside the Seaside week...) Our holiday week report to follow! Hehe! 


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