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Friday, 18 August 2017

Six Weeks of Summer Week 3: Holiday

The 'nearly half way' week of the holidays was spent on a campsite in Manobier near Tenby with Jon's Mum, step-Dad and our niece. We borrowed Jon's Dad's campervan, packed it full and pitched up at a camp called Buttyland. (Note: neither ourselves or my in-laws were that enamoured by the site itself which wasn't quite as it had advertised itself on the website or over the phone to my MIL) 

We enjoyed ourselves; apart from Tuesday when it rained and flooded the (so called 'Gold' standard hard standing, clearly in need of some drainage maintenance work) pitch ankle deep in a 15 minute downpour... and to be honest for a good hour I was on the verge of packing the kids in the car and returning home! There was tears. Clearly I am not a natural camper and certainly not a 'make the best of it' kind of camper! Can you imagine if I had been dealing with a soggy field under a tent doing it properly! Haha!   So anyway, we re-pitched further up the row where it hadn't accumulated water so quickly, went to soft play for the afternoon, drank wine and ate chocolate in the evening and sorted myself out! 

Monday we had pitched up in the afternoon, settled in, watched the children enjoy helping Grandad to put up his awning, watched the children play on the field and then took them all down the little cove down the road at Manobier beach. We were pretty blown away by the view and how idilically pretty it was. Who needs a bedtime when you can have an hour or so playing on the sands at golden hour? Xander of course got soaked in the sea when he was only supposed to be having a paddle but the weather was beautiful and holiday relaxing was in full swing.

Tuesday, well we've covered that...

Wednesday the weather was much improved and we spent a lovely day on the beach at Tenby. The boys played beautifully together building sandcastles and collecting pebbles. Even baby Luc had a go at trying to put some sand into a bucket! Their favourite of course was the 'in the sea' playtime again! The joy on their faces as they ran in and out of the waves was gorgeous but it all ended in tears when Zac fell over, completely soaked head to toe and then cried because he was cold. Oh dear! After four hours on the beach we dried the boys off and walked into town to find an ice-cream palour - £21 spent on four ice-creams later but we did enjoy it; especially Jon's treasure chest 'ornate' icecream! 

Thursday the whole family (in-laws included) headed to Folly Farm. We love Folly Farm and this was now our fourth visit there in two years! Each visit has been slightly different with different highlights, and this time the boys really enjoyed the outdoor pirate play area, watching the penguins swimming in their pool and the fairground rides. 

The fairground rides however were not my highlight; after being really excited to take the boys on the mini-waltzers (because I had remembered how fun it had been taking Xander on them when he was smaller, and now Zachy was big enough to have a go too...) The boys loved it, but I got off feeling horrendous. Sick, disorientated and banging headache. The carriage had span CONTINUOUSLY the entire ride without a break - which it hadn't done when it was just Xander - and it finished me off. (For the next three or four days I was feeling travel sick in the car and just a bit sensitive... I must be getting old!!!!) Thank goodness we had gone on the fairground at the very end of the day! I was in bed that night without tea, Jon had to go find a shop to find me painkillers and I couldn't eat the chocolate treats he bought back from the shop with him; I must have felt awful to reject Cadbury's! 

Friday was another rainy day. Although not as rainy as Tuesday. We spent the morning chilling out on the campsite (I was still waltzer recovering) and then went over to Haverfordwest to visit the 'Wickedly Welsh' chocolate factory. We had a lovely hot chocolate in the cafe, a chocolate demonstration and both boys got to 'help' make some chocolate then decorated their own chocolate bar in the 'have a go' area. 

Saturday we treated ourselves to a pub-lunch (and randomly bumped into an old uni-friend!) then spent the afternoon at Scolton Manor and Park in Haverfordwest. We loved it; the boys got to ride their scooters, the baby had his first proper ride in his smart-trike and we followed the sculpture trail around the park. You could easily spend all day there with big open spaces for games, different trails around the park, play area and other activities. And all free apart from a reasonable parking fee! 

Then Sunday was going home day, and although we had had a lovely holiday the boys were certainly very tired by now, a week of haphazard routine and barely any resemblance of a bedtime (aka bedtime resisting...) and ready to go home. We left at 10.30 and got home in time for roast dinner with my Mum and Dad. Bonus! 


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