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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Big Boy School

And that is another one of my babies in big school. Reception. 

It feels such a massive milestone doesn't it. Giving them to school full-time. Even though Zac has been in the school building for 18 months already, this transition into Reception and staying all day still feels like a big deal. 

No more Monday and Tuesday afternoons; lazying around the house, going for a drive to get him to sleep, going to the park, pestering Nana and Bampi and meeting up with our Baby Club friends for an afternoon playdate.   

It is the start of a new chapter. The chapter where Small gets big. But will still be my Small of course. 

No more my baby but actually a school boy. 

I'm not really ready, and he isn't really either. Academically he is ready, more than ready really, for more educational challenge. He is a bright little button and often surprises me with what he already knows, and how quickly he learns.  

But emotionally, in maturity? I'm not so sure.  Our little sensitive one, I really think the expectations and long days of Reception may well overwhelm him. I know he will rise to the challenge eventually, but as with most things I think it will take gentle nurturing and plenty of patience to get him there. 

So after two half days of settling back in, tomorrow he stays all day and tomorrow I go back to work too. Today it really hit me that he has gone into Reception, that is was my last extra middle of the day school run (for a year, until Lucas starts - the forms for that also already arriving today), and our last afternoon. We marked it by going to the park for his last afternoon of freedom, before school claims him for all his best parts of the day. 

I can't deny I'm not looking forward to being able to plan a whole day, instead of days split into rushed two hour chunks because I always need to run back to the school for the next child. I can't deny I'm not looking forward to a year of 1:1 adventures with Luc on my days off. 

But at the same time I'm sad that Zac maybe didn't get as much 1:1 as he should, what with being the middle child. There was much less time with me on his own. And sad that school will get the very best of Zac during the week now, just as I was with Xander. Sad knowing how much he will change over this next year. That his baby days chapter is well and truly at its end. That its time to grow up now. 

This time I'm less naive and know full well how trying the next half term plus is going to be at home, with an overtired small boy (and slightly bigger boy!); even these last two days of after school behaviour is already proving testing! 

Dearest Zachy, 

Yesterday you started Reception. Even though you have only been mornings yesterday and today you have insisted on taking your lunch bag to school with you, with only your break time snack in. You love that you have a lunch bag for school just like Xander now, and there was no deterring you from trying to save taking it until Wednesday (tomorrow). You were insistent, that bag was going in with you on your first day! 

You have been a super star so far. Yesterday you were dressed and had all your bags ready to go at 8.00am and were cross that I kept telling you it was still too early to go. You were ready, even though Mummy was not. I was so nervous. But you? You walked so confidently through the classroom door, not looking back. Today, on morning two, I watched you find your peg straight away to hang your bag up on and delve straight into your classroom again. 

You have been awful grumpy in the afternoons these last two days though, and I kind of dread to imagine how the tiredness is going to catch up with you as the full days start rolling in! Yesterday, even though you had gone in to school happy, and came out happy, by the time we got through the house door you were telling me how stupid Reception was repeatedly and that the next day you were going back to Nursery! Haha! 

But the next day came and we heard none of it again this morning. I think you're happy so far in Reception. Today Mrs Perry must've been bigging up eating your lunch in the hall and staying all day the next day, because this afternoon, as well as being a bit grumpy and tired again, you've also told me lots that you are going to the hall for dinner tomorrow and that you want sandwiches with butter for your dinner. 

So it is time for an end of an era and a brand new adventure. Today the end of the era hit me. Oh its been an emotional kind of day with lasts and next steps. I'm so excited for you, for all you will learn this year, for all the growing you will do, and just know you are going to amaze us.  I can't wait to hear all about your days, if you'll remember to tell me! 

We're going to be right behind you all the way, championing you on!  

We're so proud of you Zachy, and we love you so much, and don't you ever forget it! 

Our beautiful boy.  One more step along the big wide world you go.  

"You're off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" 

Go and Smash Reception baby, because you're going to be great! 

Mummy and Daddy xXx 


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