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Saturday, 24 September 2016

My 500th Post - Lucas @ 2 Months

My little baby is getting bigger. Another month older now and growing all the time. It is shocking, while trying to savour all his smallness he seems to have so suddenly grown; or at least completely uncurled now, lengthening out, feeling longer, filling out. He is certainly gaining weight and all caught up and comparable to his brothers at similar ages.

Two months old. The days and weeks are just flying by.

This month has been mostly about figuring out a new routine. Settling in to being a "five". Learning how to get three small children up and out in the morning. Navigating school runs and settling Big into big school. Life is busy, sometimes chaotic. I’ll admit some days it all feels overwhelming and pretty relentless, we certainly feel like we don’t stop most days – a hot cup of  (decaf) tea feels like a luxury now!

We’re still leaning heavily on Grandparent support at the moment, but we’re getting there – we’re starting to find our groove and I’ve managed quite a few morning school runs on my own now.

This month has been rough in parts for poor Lucas. He is somewhat more ‘sensitive’ than his Big and Small as babies. Luc has struggled with incredibly sore bottoms and a number of inconsolable evenings - completely new to us to have prolonged periods of baby distress and feeling completely helpless to immediately fix the problem, it left me feeling like a first-timer all over again after he had screamed from 5.30pm-11.00pm for the majority on one particular evening!

We’re so thankful it appears to have been a short-lived with a few diet adjustments for me. I’m currently caffeine free and not eating citrus fruits or sharp or spicy foods, not drinking fruit juices, squash or pop – no prolonged discomfort of an evening since and his bottom on the whole much clearer and causing him less bother. I can still have chocolate, so all is good!

But more to the point in all of this, even on the days I feel tired, life is good, wonderful. I’m feeling so emotionally blessed by these three beautiful boys.   Already we find ourselves getting names muddled up – both of us have called Luc, Zac, on many occasions!

Little is newborn perfection.

He continues to feed two and a half to three hourly and still wakes on average twice in a night to be fed. Most nights he spends the first half of the night in his Moses and the rest next to me.

Currently asleep on my chest as I type this update one-handed like the last.I’m still in no rush to put him upstairs to bed of an evening!  Jon sometimes accuses me of spoiling him , holding him long after he *could* be put down! On the days he *won’t* be put down we babywear and sling. Lucas is a baby that likes to be held and close to me. I’m well versed in how fast babies grow into children this time, soon enough he won’t need me like he needs me right now, so I will hold him, and enjoy the weight of him sleeping against me.

My sweet darling baby. You are two months old. We’ve had you for nine wonderful weeks now, getting to know you, what makes you tick, what makes you, you.  You’ve been a sleepy newborn for most of those nine weeks – sleepier than I remember your brothers after the first month. It appears your four weeks early has had more of an effect for you, behaving the slightly prem that you are.

As we approached week seven I was starting to twitch – you hadn’t smiled yet and you still were not showing any interest in the world or your family – if you were awake for too long you would get grumpy.  I kept reminding myself we need to adjust your age for developmental milestones…

Then, at seven weeks exactly, when I’d stopped expecting it, you smiled! 6.30am, Xander playing peek-a-boo with you, and he won that first smile! (Not for Mummy doing those night shifts with you, but we’ll gloss over that!) He could not have been more excited that you smiled for him! Special moments.

The last two weeks you are waking up more and more, a rough daily pattern is on the cusp of emerging. You’ve started behaving like you’re bored sometimes and want to play, want to go on the floor and kick and look around. You are spotting things now, you try and look right up over your head on the floor, tilting your head right back.  You are already developing such a special bond with your brothers, they both adore you, constantly telling you what a ‘cutie’ you are! 

You are noticing them and showing an interest in them as they play around you.

At two months old you are 11lb 4oz and the last week you have been phasing into your 0-3 months wardrobe! I can’t believe I’m already packing away another size! We’re starting to discover which colours really suit you at the moment; I like blues and whites with splashes of reds and brights. Grey is my least favourite colour on you. It’s funny, each of you boys I’ve had a slightly different colour pallet prefenece, even though you have shared many of the same outfits!

You’ve had another month of firsts. Your first smile, of course, but also your first experience of sand at Cardiff Bay beach and your first overnight in a hotel in Plymouth. You’ve had your first jabs (they were rough) and your six week (at eight week) checks. Officially you ‘failed’ as the Dr has made a referral for a query divergent squint in your right eye. But you are perfect, healthy and doing just fine. You’ve had your first swim in a pool, after we won a course of water babies! Although for week one you were less than impressed  (week two was enormously better!), week one cries we are blaming those jabs.

You are really starting to make yourself known. My boy you can SHOUT! You’re finding your voice. You can be quite the impatient little one! You hate being wet or dirty and fussing for a nappy change can swiftly escalate from 0-60 screaming to be cleaned! My. we’re still getting through an unbelievable number of nappies – around 12 a day! But you’ve also started to coo and chat. You have the most beautiful soft little voice. This next month I’m most looking forward to listening to you tell me your stories; and lots and lots of more smiles of course!

This month we’ve discovered you’re not the biggest fan of your carseat, or the car if it stays stationary for too long. You like movement. You like being rocked in the carseat or bounced in your nest chair. You like the shower on your head, you like the feel of the hairdryer to warm you up and get you dry.

You know your Mummy and I love that. I love that you respond differently to my touch, my voice or my arms to others. Baby mine, you seem to know when I am near – open your eyes, still, look around or cry for me. Definitely Mummy’s boy.

My baby boy. And just like that my heart keeps swelling more. Infinite capacity.
 My boys. Raising rainbows.


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