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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Boy Three is THREE!

Look at me being all prompt with an update! Which is totally going against my current track record of at least six weeks post age-milestone! Haha! 

It is now a week since our Little Lucas turned THREE! 

Three, mind! His babyhood totally hurtling away from us and just weeks off him starting in the Nursery class at the boys school. The littlest is going into uniform.  I don't feel very prepared for this next stage at all and to be honest I'm kind of burying my head in the sand about it for a few more weeks too; even though I should be organising what uniform he (and they all) need for the next year! 

We're almost at the complete closure of a chapter of our lives; the baby chapter.  For now I'm going to say we're at part-closure, just to soften the blow!  We can probably edge it out another 12 months, right, what with him only being part-time school?!  But after that. All three boys will be school aged children which feels quite frightening indeed! 

This Little one is just flying. Six months of achieving all kinds of milestones; no-more dummy, into a big boy bed, no-more day nappies (and to be honest he is dry at night too now so he doesn't even really need those anymore either!), becoming more and more articulate by the day with his complete sentences, exploding vocabulary and increasingly good grammatical use of language. 

It is fair, I suppose, when he shouts at us - 'I NOT a BABY, I a BIG BOY!' 

My BABY Lucas. I cannot believe you are three!   I know you completely disagree with me that you are a baby, but Mummy is going to cling onto that for just a little bit longer. Our baby one.  

At three you are 94.5cm tall which meant Mummy got her wish of you still being little enough to get into Peppa Pig World for free for our big summer adventure at the start of July! But somehow you feel so tall now.  You rarely look out of place in the thick of it with your brothers now, keeping up with them playing big boy games, playing rough and tumble or imaginary character games alongside them.  They still call you their baby, of course, but all of a sudden you are well and truly part of their games too, which must mean that they get that you are growing up!  You continue to idolise your brothers, especially Xander who has the most patience and time for you and utterly spoils you, giving in to your endless toddler demands. 

As well as demands (which have increased recently because I'm pretty sure you've decided you are going to be a Threenager and not so much a terrible two), you still have all your toddler cuteness. Until recently everything has been 'My' instead of 'I' which has been totally adorable, its quite emotional that you've started to correct yourself in the run up to three. Cuteness in making sure you are called by your proper title; full name introductions of course whenever someone asks you your name its Lucas Elias Morgan. Telling us off every time we get your name wrong because I'm often guilty of calling you Zac; "My NOT Zachy, my Luc". 

These last six months have been amazing. Full of Mummy and you adventures that I have enjoyed so very very much. You have too... trampolining, the garden centre, a train ride, the farm (more than once!), Cardiff, the cinema, the aquarium,  swimming, Gruffalo Woods, the seaside, Peppa Pig World, the zoo and more I'm sure I've forgotten to list. 

I'm so sad that this year is coming to an end and that in September I have to give you part-time to school. Yes, we'll squeeze in another two days before you start mid-week on that first week, and I'm sure we'll go on a short afternoon adventures from time to time... (might've booked Dear Zoo at the theatre for the end of September today, haha!)  But I also know that it won't quite be the same because afternoons will mean more clock-watching for the next school run and you will inevitably be tired in the afternoons after a busy morning in school.  Ah you are growing up! 

So much growing up. Six months of many milestones; you gave up your Dee-dee (not long after your half birthday infact), you stopped having your bedtime bottle in April, you moved into you Big Boy bed in May and potty-trained in June. And each step of the way you've been a superstar.   Potty training was especially impressive; I mean I had worked myself up to it, considering what a disaster Xander had been and hard-work Zac had still felt. And we played about for ten days at the start of June while Mummy felt unwell... and then we started properly... and in three days, yes three days (!) you were done! We've only had two accidents since. Your overnight pull-up is dry each morning too, so before long I'm sure we'll feel more brave to give those up as well.   You've absolutely blown me away with it all to be honest! 

Lots of growing up but still seeming so small in many ways too. The way you've got into the habit of sneaking into my bed and snuggling up so close to me and under my chin in the early morning, the way you still curl up on your tummy and tuck your arms underneath you to go to sleep, the way you are Mama's boy!  You are still so possessive over your Mama and continue to tell Xander, Zac or Daddy off if they are anywhere near me with a "My MUMMY" protest.   But I love being your Mummy. I love, that for now, I am still number one in your life.   Your Mummy, my baby. 

At three your favourite colour is orange, you love to play in the garden and be outside, you love playing with a ball, doing puzzles and playing with train tracks and little vehicles.  You have such a good kick and throw and seem pretty good at direction too, back and forth it goes; you are in your element when your Daddy plays kick the ball with you! 

You've become more and more aware of superheroes and they're pretty much some of your favourite things now too. Your favourites being Hulk and Iron Man. You've done some gorgeous Hulk Smash impressions over recent months, you pull the best Hulk face but we do sometimes need to remind you to play with gentle hands.   So it goes without saying that you enjoy watching Lego Avengers on the TV (some big brother influence right there!), along with still Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee and Little Baby Bum.  

You've even got favourite songs now; not all of which I should be proud of considering one of the ones you sing along to in the car is 'Sweet But Psycho' haha, but we've also listened to Never Smile At A Crocodile on endless repeat, Shotgun and We Will Rock You.   You can be quite insistent what you want to listen to when we are in the car and sing along beautifully from the back seat too! 

Visiting Disneyland Paris is definitely right up there of happy memories since your half birthday too. You had a blast; meeting Donald Duck, seeing the superheroes and Hulk, the rides, the fireworks. Still three months later you frequently mention Disneyland and that you went to Disneyland. The biggest adventure of this year of all! 

I'm still pretty flabbergasted you are three now. It is just so big! We've already had your settling in session at Nursery and in less than six weeks you'll go to school each morning just like your brothers. In a little uniform! Ahhh! You're going to love it, I know. You couldn't have been more excited to be allowed to play with the diggers you are ushered past each morning when we drop Xander to class. You seemed so at home already on just that visit. I'm sure you're going to thrive. But once again change is coming. Next week is your last week at Acorns Nursery where you've been for more than two years, and I've been dropping my babies off for almost seven. Then September, you'll start school nursery and our childminder friend is going to start looking after you too!  More adventures for you my boy. 

Your birthday has been extended and amazing, celebrating with an early birthday trip to the Wild Place zoo, a trip to the Lego shop with Daddy, your tea party, your day trip party to Mountain Ranch for the Gruffalo hunt, your first feature length film at the cinema watching Toy Story 4 and then completed with a day trip to Chessington World of Adventures for more Gruffalo / Julia Donaldson themed fun!  The Gruffalo ride you insisted on going on twice and would've gone on a third time if we hadn't run out of time! To say I was exhausted after all of that plus the end of the school year madness was an understatement; but I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

So much celebration for our youngest boy. Our Little. 

Now I better put on my big girl pants and get ready for you doing even more grown up boy things! Ahhhh its time for your Nursery year at school! I really do wish time would slow down, just a bit!  But first let us thoroughly enjoy this six weeks of summer and another two sneaky adventures to plan too. 

You are so completely perfect and 
complete this family so perfectly.   

You're adored by us all baby Luc.  Loved endlessly and always.

Mummy and Daddy (and your brothers) xXx 


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