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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Middle And Five And Half

Yet another long overdue entry. 

Zac's half birthday was actually a month and a half ago already yet once again the weeks have just flown by before I've found a moment to sit and take stock. 

Unfortunately for Zac his half birthday falls on top of report writing time, and then assessment and evidence gather time, and then in amongst all of that is of course Belle's birthday. Such an intense time of year. And here we are, mid-July, while I still feel like I'm chasing my tail to close the academic year and another birthday with Luc turning three in a week almost upon us. 

Will there ever be enough hours in the day again?! 

So tonight I've switched off from work and anything else I could also be doing and I'm going to take the time to reflect on my wonderful five and half year old Zachary. Because the years are short and I've no idea where they go. 

My Zachary. Five and a half already. 

Recently I've been having so much 'middle' child guilt. Worrying that we're so busy with all of the older child firsts that are inevitable vs. the youngest child's last firsts and slightly more demanding needs -  that somehow you just coast along in the middle.  I work so hard to treat you all equally, to shower you all in equal attention, but still I worry that you don't always feature as much. 

So tonight you're featuring! 

My beautiful boy.  Your birthday seems so long ago yet only a few days ago all at the same time. Six months (ok, if I'm honest at this stage, seven and a half months) packed full of growing up, adventures, change. 

You changing. Definitely growing. 

Still my Small, but maybe no quite so. I was surprised to measure you recently to discover you were now 106cm tall. You've grown 3.5cm since your birthday - 1.5cm of that between April to now. Catching up to your big brother at a similar age (he was 107.5cm at five and half). You've definitely been having a growth spurt.  But still so tiny really. Of slight build and petite. At five and a half you still wear many 3-4 clothes, especially tops. And for what you need 4-5 in for length poor Nana has to take in at the waist!  We're almost at the stage now where you and Lucas could share a wardrobe of tops - infact there are some 3-4 now going in to his wardrobe as there are still half in yours!  I wonder if there will be a time when he'll overtake you? 

Back in January we took you for your first eye test and we were very surprised to find out that you needed glasses. Well I say surprised, I kind of always expected one of you boys at least to need glasses - what with me being short-sighted. But what surprised me that the reason you needed glass was not because of distance vision, but because you have astigmatism in both eyes. Rugby ball shaped eyes. We don't know yet if you'll always need glasses but we're due back at the optician soon to see how you're doing. Glasses really really suite you - exceptionally cute and my little mini me. So much so you look quite strange now when you are not wearing them!

My little boy who says the funniest things. Nuggets of insisting on calling your old swimming teacher Crisp instead of Chris, laughing at Bampi on Christmas day when he asked you what your address is; replying that you didn't have a dress, your wore a t-shirt. Laughing with your great-Uncle when he pretended that he couldn't count to ten and you tried to teach him how. 

We've since moved you swimming lessons. Four months ago now, but you still tell me you miss Crisp sometimes. We thought you were ready for the structure of 'grown up' lessons in the same centre as Xander. You're into your 3rd term of Wave 1 now. My lovely boy, you take so long to settle into new situations. You are dealing with the disappointment of not achieving your medal quite yet and we're working really hard on all your Self-Believing Sam and Persevering Poppy. We know you can do it Zac, and each week now you tell me that you have had a go at swimming without a belt. Your new teacher, Sian, says you are so nearly there. I bet you'll have that Wave 1 medal before you know it. 

You are still my little wild one. Excitable and silly and loud. What a lovely infectious sense of humour you have. I love how you giggle just because you are running or jumping around. A love of pulling big wide-eyed faces at the moment and the most engaging beaming smile when you are lost in a moment you are enjoying. My Small boy who just radiates joy. 

You can still be a little bit Jekyll and Hyde sometimes. Your strong "flight" response is still there,  my sensitive one, sudden anxiety or other intense emotions bring you so quick to tears in lots of situations. Your grumpiness can still be as extreme as your happiness.  But, you've so visibly matured this year at school! Learning to navigate your own emotions in the mix of the emotions of others.  

Your end of Reception year report was glowing. "A pleasant and happy boy... coping with change and has grown in confidence throughout the year... caring and considerate to others... inquisitive and enjoys a challenge... always tries his best..."

This year at school I think one of your favourite things have been learning to read. Each week you have been so excited to bring home your next reading book and so eager to sit with me and read it through. Reading seems to be coming so easily to you. At the moment you are on Level 3, and I think soon ready for Level 4. You are already getting so independent at figuring words out for yourself and so increasingly fluent. The last few books home from school you have read cover to cover with no support at all. 

I'm just so proud of you Zachy!  I was so anxious and worried about your move into Reception,  were you really ready for the demands on school... but you have flourished at every step of the way. 

If I especially think of the difference in sports day in Nursery and sports day this year. Oh my. You participated, you enjoyed yourself, You even won a race. Ok there was a wobble towards the end, but a world away from the anxious little boy who sobbed through Nursery sports day and found the whole experience so painful. 

This year, all of Reception, you have shone my boy!

At five and a half your still favourite things are Disney Princesses, castles, drawing and Lego.  So of course you spend much of your time combining them all, building castles with Lego for your Lego Disney Princess to live in. Or drawing castles and princess. Or  just drawing. Your beautiful detailed drawings are just wonderful and your writing is so neat and careful. You've made it your mission to collect every Lego Princess set and I know you currently have your eyes on the Cinderella castle set, Jasmine's castle set and Ariels boat!  Ironically, in amongst this you decided pink is no longer your favourite colour but instead you favour red! 

I adore, that even though you are getting older now, and even though you can be so sensitive to others reactions, that you still are oblivious to gender stereotyping. You love what you love whether it be superheroes or princesses and that is one of my very favourite things about you. You are just so uninfluenced and you. 

So of course you had the time of your life at Disneyland at Easter! The beaming joy on your face as you met some of the princesses was something gorgeous. Your utter delight with your five minutes with Rapunzal after we queued for an hour and twenty minutes moved me to a tear. You totally and utterly believed they were the real thing, that Rapunzal was the real Rapunzal and it absolutely made your day!    I think these will always be some of my favourite memories with you. 

Ah Zachy. You are so keen to be six now. So desperate for your Mummy, Daddy and Zachy only trip to London that will mean. I have so many special plans for this next birthday, but my boy I'm not ready for you to be so grown up! It is unbelievable to me that you are about to go in to Year 1! Each year seems to go by faster and each birthday seems to be closer to the last. 

Now we have six weeks of summer to look forward to, more adventures and I expect much more growing up change on the way to November. Only four and half months until another update is due. 

We love you so completely and endlessly.

Our middle sized boy. 

Mummy and Daddy xXx 


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