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Monday, 29 July 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 1 - Frozen Fever

It is that time of year again! 

Six weeks of summer! 

I know lots of people think I'm absolutely crazy with all my summer themes but we really do love it! Each week is new and exciting with a bank of ideas to pull from.  Would you be surprised to know I've already got ideas buzzing around for next years themes too?! Haha!  

So a little bit like a diary entry, my little space is going to be where I record the 2019 instalment of our SWOS! 

What I've already loved this year is that Xander took this first week down a completely new turn with his own ideas and I blew it up and went with it! 

But one week over already! Argh! 


Monday we were still celebrating Lucas's birthday so our Week 1 theme didn't start until Tuesday. It was quite an ironic week for Frozen Fever to be honest, because it was the hottest week of the year so  far - blistering temperatures in some parts of the country and a toasty 28-30 degrees here for us!  But the benefits of Frozen week was lots of ice and water play to cool us down! 


Tuesday started with watching Frozen Fever, just in time as it happens because just as the credits rolled our TV was collect and taken away for repair!   The boys listened to Vivaldi Winter and used Lego to create frozen winter style castles for their Anna and Elsa mini-figs.  Later on the in the day we melted Elsa's style frozen hands that I had pre-filled with sparkly treasures, glitter and frozen the night before.

Xander estimated how long he thought they would take to melt; first guess was 10 minutes, second guess was 28 minutes and his final guess was 60 minutes. It took 55 minutes of playing with the icy hands for them to melt completely so his third estimation was pretty spot on!  Then he finished by pouring the icy cold water all over his head! Haha! And we enjoyed a lovely water fight to cool down to finish our day.

The first of our two only big boy Wednesday's this year because next Wednesday is Lucas's last day at baby nursery before he starts big boy nursery in September at school.   Our friends joined us for a day of Ice Skating fun - because where else could we go for a Big Boy day out on Frozen week. 

We were all a bit apprehensive about it and we didn't really know how it was going to go! I was fully expecting it to either go one of two ways and desperately hoping that no-one was going to break any bones! Luckily for us, other than a few moments here and there when the younger boys needed a little rest, the kids totally embraced it, got their confidence and had a blast on the ice!

The day was a success and Xander and Zac even had a little go at starting to skate and stand up on the ice without holding on to anything.    We finished off our day trip with a play on the sand at Cardiff Bay Beach and some ice-cream before going home. 

A messy play tuff spot kind of day!  Shaving foam, sparkles and paint ice-cubes. It was delightful and totally deserves a before and after picture of the messy the boys created; look at those marks and patterns. Well I say boys, Lucas gave the tray a cursory poke with his hand and nudge with foot but otherwise shouted at me to get it off him everytime too much shaving foam was on his body! Haha!

Xander got stuck right in - he was covered head to toe by the time he had finished and Zachy got himself right in there too.  I love that although Xander is almost eight and on the verge of starting junior school he still gets so much joy out of sensory messy foundation play!   

Today we discovered the stories of The Snow Queen and The Snowman and the boys got create in the tuff spot. A little less messy this time but instead using playdough and other bits and pieces to create their own playdough interpretations of Olaf the snowman, the snow queen and Elsa.  

And this is where things got really interesting! Haha! Earlier on in the week I had printed the boys some colouring sheets of their choice to do with winter, frozen life, cold countries etc. Zac chose Elsa pictures, or course. But Xander took us down a festive route because to him Winter meant Christmas. So even though celebrating Christmas in July had not been one of my original Frozen Fever week intentions, we embraced it and celebrated Christmas in July.

Our friends came over to join us and we had BBQ (Aussie style Christmas?!), with Christmas music, the boys wore Christmas clothes, they played with instant messy play snow, the mini Christmas tree was put up in the garden and I even made crackers the night before for the occasion including a mini gift, party hat and Christmas joke inside for the boys. Oh and we watched the Grinch too! 

Finished with a quiet day to end the week and a family film night watching Small Foot.  Of course over the week we have also watched lots of other winter / snow themed films including the big one of course; Frozen! 

A week where the home days have outweighed the out and about days but we've got good use out of the tuff spot. We loved it!   Exciting times ahead for Week 2 including a very exciting overnight stay number one and another overnight stay (adults only) number two! Frozen Fever finished and Knights and Castles beginning! 


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