Our beautiful baby daughter Anabelle was born sleeping June 2010.
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Thank you to the friend who...

So I was thinking, I'm not ready for the beginning quite yet, but as last post I talked about people... I've been thinking about people again - but flipping the coin and thinking about the acts of kindness and how thoughtful some of the people in my life have been. The little things that have made all the difference, the people that made the effort to go the extra mile to truely recognise our little girl - some people surprise you.  I won't name them but they'll know who they are.

Thankyou to Mum who knitted for Anabelle - a perfect pink cardigan that would fit a tiny and premature Belle. Simply beautiful.

Thankyou to the friend who made Anabelle a big letter "A" cake for her goodbye day.  This cake had been planned for months - for the naming day Anabelle was going to be having sometime after she was born. Anabelle never got her naming day, but she did get her naming day cake.

Thankyou to the friends who named a star for Anabelle. The star came with a certificate that now occupies a page of her memory book. I love looking at the stars now because a little one belongs to my daughter.  The shooting stars came at a time when we needed them the most, it was a beautiful evening.

Thankyou to the online friends who bought a rose for Anabelle and raised money to send to SANDS in her memory. I'd been part of an online community of women, all due in August 2010. How remarkable that a group of women I'd never met came together to give us a special gift for our angel baby. Her short 32 weeks touched so many there. I look forward to the roses arrival this autumn and it will have pride of place next to our front door.

Thankyou to the friend who painted a name canvas for Anabelle. The friend who listened to how we were decorating Belle's room and painted her canvas to match with butterflies and hearts and flowers.

Thankyou to the friends who gave us the gift of "Courage" as we live without Anabelle - a verse from the Bible to help us on our way.

Thankyou to the friends and family who had already bought Anabelle gifts and still gave us those gifts for her. It all adds to her memory.

Thankyou to the friend who spent her time making Anabelle a book of photos and poems.  It is truely beautiful and a fitting momento to our daughter.


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