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Saturday, 7 April 2012

D is for...

...the dark... 

I'm afraid of the dark, isn't that plainly ridiculous for a grown woman? I know the dark in my own home cannot hurt me but often the dark makes me anxious. Anxious to walk from my bedroom to the babies or to the bathroom. I HATE coming downstairs when all the lights are off, or upstairs when all the lights are off. 

For most of the time I get over myself and tell myself how ridiculous I'm being and get on with it, and sometimes don't think of it all. But then every so often I have a few nights like the last few, where the dark really really bothers me. 

To the point I've been sending Jon upstairs to turn some lights on before I'll go up to the toilet or to bed. 

I know the trigger and I know its silly; it is because this week he has been watching The Walking Dead, a zombie programme and I'm overly sensitive to scary faces. 

Well at least Jon thinks it cute that I'm a big wuss at times! 


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