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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

H is for...

... history...

One of my favourite subjects throughout school. There is something enchanting about the past and ages gone by. It is so difficult to imagine what our world looked like hundreds of years or even some decades ago. Before my time fascinates me. 

In school I remember being particularly fascinated by the stories of the Kings and Queens of the past, King Henry VIII and the fate of his six wives being a favourite, but enjoyed the stories of Elizabeth I and Victoria too. 

To this day I continue to be fascinated by the history of World War Two.   I find it incredible that my grandparents lived through such a terrifying time in our history - it is something that we cannot easily comprehend. Unless we've served or lived through Wars in other lands or been involved in terrorist attacks it is pretty impossible to imagine what it would've been like to live in a country at war; the threat of bomb attacks on our doorsteps and rationing. We are so lucky here in Britain to be, for the most part, safe. 

The first time I was taught about WW2 I was in Year 3 at school. My grandparents showed me their old ration books and told me their memories of their lives in the war. My grandparents were teenagers in the war, which is some blessing, because a few years older and my grandfather's would've been signed up to fight and serve. I believe that my Grandad living in South Wales escaped much of the horror or war and his most distinct memory is one bomb which landed on the mountain above the town. My Grandma lived and grew up in Bristol and her memory of war is different. She remembers carrying her gasmask, and having to practice the run home from school to the air raid shelter if the alarm was sounded. Her parents decided against evacuating the children; the mindset being that if they were going to die they would all die together. The bombs missed my Grandmother but she remembers one landing on the next street and killing a family. 

I never get tired of hearing of personal tales of WW2 (or WW1). The tales of the soilders and the families left behind, the political history and decisions made, the injustice and lives lost. 

And neither should any of us, lest we forget. 

Even writing this blog has made me want to visit the Imperial War Museum again the next time I'm in London! And one day I will visit the trenches left behind in France, the war cemetery and the remains of evil concentration camps because I want to remember, and not forget these times in our history. 


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