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Sunday, 17 March 2013

#17 Where?

#17 Where did you go today?

Roath Park 

I've been fairly useless attempting to keep up with the 365 questions challenge. Infact I don't think I've done a relevant post so far this month. We've been busy; our birthdays and then Mother's Day. March is emotionally tricky. 

I wish today was Mother's Day. Today was a lovely perfect day. Nothing like last Sunday at all. Today we've had the sort of day I hoped we would have had last week, but emotion and raw grief took over. 

Today started with the boy waking up at 7.30am. Fairly early by his weekend standards recently! So we bought him into bed with us and had lovely morning baby snuggles with Cbeebies on in the background for Mummy and Daddy dozing purposes! 

After breakfast a little later Xander and I went off to church.  Today there was an inspirational guest speaker, Jade, who works with girls rescued from human trafficking and prostitution in Cyprus, as well as co-ordinating  The Night Shelter in Newport. The timing of her visit to our church this morning, following us meeting Joseph and homelessness in London was quite something. Joseph has remained on my mind. Just this week I have emailed St Mungo's, another homeless charity based in London. 

They had put a post on facebook asking people to refer in any sighting of homeless people so that they could try and reach them and find somewhere warm for them overnight over another cold snap recently. So I responded to the post and referred Joseph to them, describing where we had seen him,  but well aware that two weeks later he has probably moved on from that spot. I guess I'll never know what happens to him, but Jade's visit to church served to remind me again how huge homelessness is and all its other associated problems. The stories of trafficking she told us of, foreign girls, some young teenagers, kidnapped and forced into brothels were harrowing. A world wide problem, no just happening in Cyprus, it is happening in Newport too. Frightening stuff. My eyes really are being opened to vulnerable people right now. 

After church we went to my parents for our usual Sunday roast dinner, and after dinner, we decided the weather was unusually spring like and off we went to Roath Park for a family Sunday afternoon walk and feed the ducks.   Alexander clearly recognises he needs to be gentle and loving to animals. As a swan walked towards him, Xander said 'awww' as he does when he sees Fiz. However, Xander didn't grasp the concept of feeding the ducks, and didn't really want to share the bread with them! I think he ate more bread than the ducks did! 

After the ducks had been fed we had a little wander around, and let him have a play in the park, on the swings, slide and some weird bouncy seesaw! Fun and enjoyment all round. 

Too much fun for some maybe. Jon has now been asleep in his armchair for two hours since 7.00pm. Being 32 taking its toll as he heads towards middle-age clearly! *wink* 

All in all a lovely day. The sort of day I dream of for Mother's Day. Maybe next year I'll hold myself together long enough to. 


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