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Friday, 22 March 2013

End Of A Breastfeeding Era

Its an end of an era.

A week ago, Xander had his last Mummy feed. 

It was a mutual decision, a natural end. He had been becoming less and less interested each evening over a period of three weeks. Lots of bobbing on and off me, swapping boob for dummy, looking around and then swapping dummy for boob again. The cycle repeating for a minute or two until he settled for his dummy and didn't want boob. I don't think he had been getting much milk really. 

So after a couple of weeks of this I decided to give it another week, and if he was still feeding like that to call it a day, and that day was last Thursday. He had his last little feed. I haven't offered again since and so far he hasn't asked for it either. 

Despite feeling quite emotional for the first few nights without Mummy feeds as part of his routine I am happy with this decision. I planned to stop around his 18 month mark anyway, but I'd rather it have been led by him, which is was in the end. He decided it was time to grow!

Because I knew it was likely to be our last feed I asked Jon to try and capture a photograph of the occasion. Which he did, and this special moment will be something I treasure forever. 

I can't believe how far we came; with the struggles in the beginning, feeling claustrophobic, battling with  the 'one bottle of formula a day' guilt, worrying it would be a slippery slope (it wasn't, he had one bottle a day for 5 months and then dropped that himself too), never mastering a shield free latch (which filled me with guilt too, but clearly wasn't at all a big deal when here we are 17 months later). Then realising I had fallen in love with this precious time with my boy. Feeding beyond 6 months, which in the beginning felt like an eternity away, never intending to be an extended breastfeeder but then feeding beyond 12 months and being led by my boy all of the way. Now here we are...

I'm hugely proud I fed Xander for 17 months. So far beyond all my expectations! 

Now my little baby is blossoming into a toddler, becoming more little boy and less baby every day and is finding a new routine. Although he'll always be my baby baby to me and Mummy couldn't be more proud of him. 


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