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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Pride Of A Mother

In stark contrast to yesterdays post I've been reminded that there are many aspects of the Mother I am to be proud of. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the things we are good at and the things we're proud of and contributed to our children being as wonderful as they are.

What have you done for your children that you are proud of? Please join in. This isn't boasting. This affirming that we are all the best Mother's our children could have.

Mostly I think I'm good at being a Mummy.  I love being a Mummy more than I've loved doing anything else. Raising Xander and spending time with him fulfills me in a way nothing else does.

I'm proud that I laboured and loved Belle into this world. That my body endured more than I ever thought it could to bring her to us.

I'm proud that I was the one to dress Anabelle, that it was something that I did for her and not a midwife.

I'm proud that I cradled her on my chest and had the skin to skin with her she always should have had.

I'm proud that her little life has reached so far and wide. I'm proud that I've been brave enough to share our story, her story on this blog. I'm proud that we managed to raise so much money in her name and that her name continues to shine out from our family and the wonderful little girl she is recognised.

I'm proud of the family unit we are, even with our gaping Anabelle shaped hole. I'm proud that Jon and I have remained strong together, in love together despite everything that has been thrown at us. I'm proud that we're providing a stable and loving home for our children.

I'm proud that we had the confidence to take Alexander's lead and haven't conformed to a prescribed book of parenting. Taking his lead with gentle boundary setting continues to pay off for us all.

I'm proud of the little boy Xander is growing up to be and that we've left him in no doubt how loved he is. I'm proud that we love his company and that he loves ours.

I'm proud that we've raised a sensitive loving boy who gives the best cuddles and kisses. I'm proud that we've taught him to be affectionate

I'm proud of all the things we do with him. That we take him to different activities and give him a width of experiences to ensure he has a full, fun and mixed week.

I'm proud that I was able to breastfeed Xander for 17 months, because at one point I was so close to packing it in.

I'm proud that my background teaching children with profound disabilities gave me the knowledge to grasp how he has needed me to support him at every stage of these earliest parts of his development.

I'm proud of all the words he is learning now and my part in helping him to learn those words. I'm proud that I taught him to be a communicator and want to explore his world.

I'm proud every time someone random in public tells me what a beautiful lovely boy he is and shows him attention (it happens surprisingly a lot!), because he is beautiful and lovely and his happiness must shine out from him. But I know I am biased!

and for Zac? I'm proud that all my fears about how I would feel if he was a boy were unfounded, and that I already know I love him as much as I love his big brother and sister. I hope Zac's arrival will see plenty more for me to proud of for all of my children together.

So for all the guilt we Mother's carry, that weigh on us so heavily, there is so much to be proud of in the families we've created and raised too.

Lets have a positive day!


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