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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Lucas @ Five Months

Five months old. 

Oh this boy. I'm so in love with him I could burst. We're absolutely adoring this age he is now. Still our little baby, but oh so interested, interactive, playing and discovering.  He beams at us all day long - our happy smiley baby boy. He locks on to you as soon as you walk in the room now, he seems to instantly know when I am there and searches me out in the room. He shouts and stares to try and get your attention as you walk past him. Lucas just loves his Mummy, Daddy and brothers. 

Lucas is awake more and longer now;  awake for anything up to two and a half to three hours before needing a nap. Some days it feels like he hardly naps at all when his sleeps can be as little as 15-20 minutes. But others times he will sleep much longer. He is still so unpredictable like that. Of course he sleeps the best during the day when I can just sit and hold him; and I love those times, all snuggled, feeling his weight curled and so totally relaxed against me. So when I can, I do, totally soaking it up and spoiling him and indulging me! I know how quickly these baby days will pass us by, already passing us by! 

This month wasn't super great for night-time sleep. The four month sleep regression struck again! It could've been worse - paling into comparison of Zachary's regression for example - but still! Now in the last week he's slept through four nights in a row again, so maybe just maybe we're coming out the other side properly now?! Who knows. These babies like to keep us on our toes. 

Now talking of toes...

Darling baby Lucas, you are five months old and 15lb 12oz big. This month you have discovered your voice and your toes. Your toes are your absolute favourite thing at the moment; all day long you are reaching for them, pulling them, pulling your socks off, and trying to get your toes in your mouth!  You are getting all the noisier too; shouting and gurgling and cooing. You've discovered how to put your lips together to blow raspberries, bubbles, and make more mumbly noises. I love listening to you chatter away and tell your stories. You're learning the art of a conversation now and will often answer Mummy with your little voice. Heart swell. 

Little giggles have turned into little belly laughs and you are the most adorable thing. You're already quite ticklish and chuckle and gurgle away as we tickle your tummy! I don't remember your brothers being quite so ticklish when they were still so little. 

This month has all been about discovering Christmas. You have loved all the lights and decorations at home and out and about. Happily led in your pram watching the lights and sparkly things travel above your head. You went to Xander's Christmas concert and didn't take your eyes off the stage for the whole performance! Entranced you were! 

It was so special sharing your first Christmas with you this week. Your favourite thing about presents was of course trying to eat the paper - but you've loved the actual presents too - your light up rattle was a real hit, a delightful mix of trying to watch the colours as you move it but so desperate to get it into your mouth to have a good old chew! A visit from Father Christmas means suddenly you have lots more toys to play with (and for Mummy to put away!) and have had your first go in the Jumperoo too. As predicted it looks like you're going to love it - bouncing away on your feet! 

You are that bit older than your brothers were on their first Christmas so you have been so much more involved - even sitting with us for Christmas dinner in the highchair for the first time! I cannot believe another few weeks from now we'll have to start to think about giving you food! 

Lucas you are getting so big now and ready to do so much more; although you are still so happy led on your playmat exploring toys, your toes and watching the world go by too. Too happy in some respects! Even though you have shown us you can roll around, (we had one evening when you rolled front to back and back to front many times in quick succession), you are definitely choosing not to go too far since!  You're happy when you're on your back, on your front or on your side so currently have no reason to try and change your position that much than you already do. Not that I'm in any rush for you to be on the move, baby movement = additional chaos so I'm enjoying this relative quiet while it lasts! Haha! 

But you're getting stronger. You are beginning to sit so much more steadily on our laps now  - holding your head up without getting tired for longer and longer.  You adore being propped up on pillows or cushions to sit up and see - trying to lift yourself off them to sit up even further! You love being pulled to sitting when someone holds your hands from lying down. You always seem so pleased with yourself and excited; you can feel you're anticipating the move, tensing, lifting your head up and making yourself ready to go. You're getting so clever little baby! 

This next month is going to have to be the month Mummy finally puts the seat on the buggy instead of the carrycot on your wheels. Here I am clinging on to this piece of newborn-ness still, but I'm going to make myself move you in the New Year. You still love the carrycot, and travel around all day in it quite happily. You love it when the hood is down, looking around, but you're ever so slightly too big now, you're ready for a more grown up way to travel. I've stretched you long enough!  You have a new toy ready for your buggy bar and I'm looking forward to snuggling you into the seat with the fleecy foot-muff for the winter.  I think you're going to love sitting up in the buggy to look around even more than you do lying down in the pram! It might be harder to get to your toes strapped in though! 

This next month we're going to be decorating and make your nursery ready for you. Its being repainted and re-carpeted just for you, and you're getting new furniture now too - not quite so the recycled nursery from your brothers after all! I'm so excited to make it pretty for you but it will be ever so strange moving you to sleep into your own room. I'm going to treasure these last few weeks of my little baby in his Moses bed next to me. 

Ah growing up boy. 

I cannot believe we'll be whizzing towards your half birthday within weeks. How can you possibly have been here for nearly half a year already?! 2016 has been so good to us, it gave us you, beautiful you. 

You light up our world, Baby Little. 
We couldn't love you, any of you, more!  💙


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