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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lucas @ Four Months

I'm going to say it again. Another month has WHIZZED by! It is going so fast that he is already four and a half months before I've found a moment to type up his blog! 

Lucas really is such a happy gorgeous baby. He only even has to half smile at me and I melt; it is so easy to enjoy him. I've been lucky with them all to be fair - none of the boys have been difficult babies - but Lucas seems especially content.

My Little. The only fuss he makes is hunger and tiredness. 

He is happy to sit and play in his chair or led playing on his mat, exploring his toys and just watching the world going on around him. So easily pleased with just having company. He has spent the last month discovering how to play. Reaching out for his toys, feeling them with his fingers, grabbing, pulling toys to his mouth. He adores spending time on his new playmat especially; that was a good recent buy! 

Beautiful baby Lucas. You are four months old. Four months! You are growing and changing, becoming more and more the little person and not just the little baby. Getting nosier and nosier. You just want to sit up now and look around  - every time we try to recline you in our arms you are pulling your head up as if to say 'Let me see, let me see'!  

You are interested in everything. Especially your brothers. You so clearly LOVE their attention now, excited looks of adoration across your face whenever they talk to you! You stare at them so intently. And boy do they so obviously love you too. You are THEIR baby! The three of you absolutely melt me together. The Morgan boys. 

The world is beginning to amuse you. You give the most beautiful beaming smiles, and oh you've started to chuckle. Tiny little giggles that we're just waiting to turn into wonderful huge big belly laughs. Your first laugh this month was for Daddy. He was pulling funny faces and making funny noises and you chuckled. Beautiful delightful boy! There is something that is so infectious about a happy baby. 

At four months old you are 14lb 5oz and now comfortably into your 3-6 month wardrobe. Your looks are beginning to change and I think you're starting to resemble Zachy more and more as a baby. Predictably, like your brothers over the last month you more or less completely lost your hair. Now at four (and a half) months your hair has started to grow back but it is so fair you still look bald. Just like your brothers around the four month mark! 

This month you have started to put weight through your legs and push to stand ever so briefly on our legs. You are getting stronger and stronger. On the floor now you are ever so quick to roll on to your side, I keep waiting for you to flip right over on to your tummy but that pesky arm is still in your way! 

Your learning how to use your arms and hands, and hand-eye co-ordination to grab things infront of your to explore. You reach out now to touch and feel. You've enjoyed looking at your 'That's not my books' really pushing your hand over the pages. You love grabbing toys now and looking at them or moving them around in front of you. Your favourite toy this month has been your playmat and the light up turtle and soft feely book that hangs from it. 


Daily routine is still much the same as last month with generally four naps of varying length throughout the day. Some days you'll nap for only 20 minutes or so at a time, others you'll sleep for two hours - it is so hard to predict. I know you would nap for far longer if I was able to hold you while you slept, but baby you are the youngest which means you rarely get the luxury of being cuddled for an entire nap. Somebody always needs Mummy. 

Night sleep was going so well - too well - for three weeks or so you had consistently started to sleep through and I think Mummy counted her chicken's a bit too soon! And then you had a little cold - and maybe a four month sleep regression - but for the last two weeks there has been at least one wake up a night again, some nights two or three! Oh it could be worse, way worse and one/two wake ups is nothing at all really - but it is surprising how quickly you get used to getting a full nights sleep again even after only three weeks! Last night you didn't wake me up until 5.00am so I'm kind of crossing my fingers you're going to start stretching out again - but now if we could get your brothers to quit their wake-ups too then we'll be well away. Horrible winter germs. 

Your next update is already fast approaching and we have your exciting first Christmas month ahead of us. I'm so looking forward to seeing how mesmerised you are by all the lights and glitter and sparkles! What will you have discovered by month five? 

My wonderful squidgy baby. Grow up slowly. In love with you. 


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