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Monday, 12 August 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 3 - Dragons

Another week gone and already half way through the summer holidays. I dislike that the weeks pass by so quickly and that already I'm starting to think about going back to school / work. After giving myself two solid weeks off, this week I've been working again and starting to prepare for September and beyond. 

Each summer seems to go by quicker and quicker. As does each year of life I guess. 

This week was Dragons Week - which perfectly complimented our previous weeks theme of Knights and Castles. 


You would think my children would have had their fill of castles last week wouldn't you?! But no, after a morning spent at Penarth Seafront and Pier (we went to find some Dragon's eggs), at their request we spent the afternoon at Caerphilly Castle to go and see the Cadw dragons that reside there. I had planned to take them there later in the week, but all three boys were quite insistent they wanted to go there today! 

We had been to Caerphilly Castle fairly recently in April but I don't think we really took in the story of the Dragons on that visit - this time we listened to the tale at least 4 times as the boys sat there watching the dragons and pressing the button to activate the story again and again!  We also discovered loads of other parts of the castle that we hadn't explored on our previous visit and the maze had opened for the summer too.  I especially enjoyed our walk back to the car afterwards when we discovered another entrance / exit that we could access and got a view of the castle I hadn't had before.

Four castle in a space of a week is fairly good going isn't it. The boys certainly were more confident on the 'curly' stairs and turrets by this castle visit too and Xander was excellent at helping me navigate the tricker parts of the castle with the buggy!


Tuesday was a play in the house and watch some films kind of day. Some of the boys favourite movies are the How To Train Your Dragon films. So today we watched number one (and Zog too), watched some of the Dragon's series on Netflix and of course played with all of their How To Train Your Dragon toys. We have a fair amount of the playmobil Dragons range including the Isle of Berk. Xander's favourite dragon is Toothless, Zac's is Stormfly and Lucas likes Meatlug!


We went back out to play today to Cardiff Bay. Four different people had tagged me is Cardiff Mummy Says post advertising the Lego figures that are in Mermaid Quay at the moment; so I took that as a sign we were meant to go! Haha!   Everyone knows how much my children enjoy Lego and obviously the theme of the Lego figures fitted in perfectly with our current two weeks themes with statues including an enormous dragon, a knight and princess amongst others.   The dragon was especially impressive with its stats of 7 builders, over 1600 (I think!?) hours and 210,000 bricks used!  

After that we went off for a walk over the barrage to encourage Lucas to persevere a little more with his scooter. The little dare devil he is mind you, by the time we got to the skate park... he of course wanted to have go; which started with me holding the scooter and not being allowed to let him go and finishing with him going down some of the ramps by himself. Even when he fell off twice he just got up, had a cuddle and wanted to get straight back on again.    The things I allow him to do that never in a million years would I have let Xander, or even Zac, when they were just turned three. To think Xander wasn't allowed on these skate parks until fairly recently (and I mean like in the last 12-18 months!) HAHA! 

The other two were well away. Xander whizzing around like a mad thing, and Zac for a while until he spotted a professional graffiti artist decorating the skate park wall (with permission he said - it looked official anyway!) and wanted to watch him instead and question the poor mans ear off. Which he was very good about and seems like like that Zac was showing so much interest.


A bit of a lazy home morning managing to fit in How To Train Your Dragon 2 before we headed to Greenmeadow Community Farm for the afternoon to go and have a look at Cwmbran's very own dragon. I know the boys have seen this one many many times before, but we always enjoy a visit to the farm and it was a good excuse to fit in a visit there this summer. So we looked at the dragon, had a walk around the bottom end of the farm, Xander fed some ponies and donkeys on our travels, we fed the chickens, the boys enjoyed seeing a baby calf and piglets and playing on every park and outdoor play area the farm has to offer! We also walked through the woodland bit that has been opened up again this year over to the paddock; but I couldn't persuade the boys to actually walk around the paddock this time though.


The boys were clearly feeling tired today and the weather was absolutely appalling so we put on our comfiest house clothes and slobbed the day out watching lots of films. We watched Shrek 3 and Shrek 4 and a bit later on in the day we painted our dragons eggs we had collected earlier on in the week. I absolutely love the boys finished results. So bright and colourful!  I'm going to varnish them and put them in our little patch of garden under the bay window with Belle's things.


More yucky weather which meant another excuse for a house day! The boys of course know that the dragon is a symbol of Wales and is on our flag but we decided to learn about Dragons in other cultures too. Xander put on his dragon onesie and we watched a little bit of traditional Chinese dragon dancing and then the boys used colourful streamers to join in the dancing too. Zac didn't want to join in the dancing but Xander and Luc loved it - like little wild things - Luc shouting at Xander to go faster and faster and experimenting with the different ways they could move their ribbons to make patterns. Luc even insisted that I get up and join in so the three of us were jumping around the living room like loons at one point!

After dragon dancing the boys did some more painting. This time exploring using lots of colours and completing free mark-making on one side of a piece of paper, before folding it over the other way to make a symmetrical pattern.  The looked fab and gorgeous impressions of the big and bold Chinese dragon faces we had seen on the youtube videos.

Saturday finished off with family film night watching How To Train Your Dragon 3.


Sunday has been a quiet kind of day with a visit to our close friends house for the morning, dinner at the parents, tea at my Grandmothers and then another film to finish the week. Pete's Dragon. We do love all of us snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket big enough for five!

Another exciting and action packed week planned ahead....  rolling into Circus Week!


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