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Saturday, 17 August 2019

SWOS 2019: Week 4 - Circus

Yet another week down! 

I cannot believe that in two weeks we'll be back on the hamster wheel of term-time! 

This week was Circus - ending a day early today because tomorrow we're starting our next theme a day early with a trip to a surprise somewhere for the boys! 


At the end of last week I was feeling quite unprepared for this theme; that it was all a bit flat without an actual circus booked. (I found one in Bridgewater that sort of clashed with our trip to Plymouth and other dates that were expensive; was kind of surprised how much money it would be to go tot he circus!) Then after some googling, by chance I found a circus themed day event at Parc Play today and booked the children onto it. 

First impressions were not great. The 'clown' wasn't particularly engaging and apart from dumping a bag of tired looking circus toys (juggling balls etc) on the floor and waving some bubbles around... I was beginning to feel disappointed after the boys had lost interest after 5 minutes. 

BUT the day improved. 

Unplanned, a uni friend and her boys also turned up and our children all had a blast having the opportunity to play together. They all had a play with the circus toys again and the 'clown' improved.  Later in the day having a walkabout on stilts and entertaining the children and a particularly impressive circus tricks mini-show including 'knife' juggling, 'fire' juggling and 'fire' eating - which Xander was especially excited about. 

Super start to the week in the end. Arriving at the centre for 11.00am and then still have to literally drag the boys away at gone 4.00pm! 


Tuesday was baby club day. We spent the day at the Boating Lake and Lucas totally cracked scooting; suddenly speedier and more naturally building up momentum. Still wanting me to push him along though. Park, duck feeding, ice-cream and blue lolly eating, scooting kind of day.  

Then we shirked off swimming lessons to instead snuggle down at home to watch Dumbo.  Luc has spent the week since cuddling a toy elephant we had bought for Xander on his 2nd birthday at West Midlands Safari... of course, now renamed, Dumbo. 


A rainy day spent camped out at Mum and Dad's house.  Mum offered to bake cakes with the boys and use up old icing (from Luc's Gruffalo birthday cake) to make clown face fairy cakes.  She is very good at getting on board with my themes!   Inbetween making and decorating we did some arts and crafts - turning some black and white portait photos of ourselves into clown faces.  I love them and they're definitely becoming the new feature of the fridge!  (My kitchen / diner is now almost completely a boys art gallery!) 


A really busy day!  We were going off to Plymouth this afternoon, but with Jon working from home this morning I needed to keep the boys busy and out of his way.

So a trip up to the 'funny faces' park (Henllys Village up the road) was on the agenda and for 45 minutes we had the entire park to ourselves! It was brilliant. All the boys had a great time exploring and taking risks and exploring movement. All the kind of things trapeze artists would do!

Then we came home and did a massive bubble experiment in the garden. It worked better than I was expecting it to and all three boys loved exploring the mixture and attempting to make their own bubble tubes and tunnels with the mixture.  A whole bottle of fairy liquid in the tuff tray plus filled with water worked best, but I would love to know how to improve the solution to be able to make enormous bubbles using the hoops. 

Then quick dinner and off to Plymouth we went for the second night of the annual fireworks festival on the Hoe.   It was a great evening! My sister-in-law had found a golf club the opposite side of the Hoe which meant we weren't in the thick of the crowds but still got a fantastic view of the firework displays. The boys had space to run riot (which they did) and it was a completely stress-free outing. Blankets, processco, tea, glowsticks, fireworks and a very late night (back in the cars just before 11.00pm!) but we really enjoyed ourselves. It may become a new annual tradition! 


It bucketed down today and we had six very tired children. It was a day of short visits to other family members in Plymouth, a pit-stop in the tent shop (aka GoOutdoors) and an afternoon of snacks and film watching before driving back home at bedtime. 


Another quite day. Well kind of. Jon cut the hedge back and I sorted through all the uniform, tried it on all three boys, finding the next size up of stuff that Zac could get away with, handing the smaller stuff to Luc, taking Xander's trousers down so they fit him another term or so and then ordered the socks and  bits of PE kit we needed.  Pleased we can get away with the rest of the uniform we have for now meaning it is only PE trainers and school shoes to sort next week! 

Then a double bill of family film night: Dumbo the acted version, followed and wrapping the week up with The Greatest Showman, or course! 

Lucas dancing to the opening sequence might be one of my favourite things of the week! 

Looking forward to our day trip tomorrow and splashing into (see what I did there!?) Under the Sea.  It will be September again before know it. 


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